15 Apr‘15

Hong Kong Writers Workshop: Chick Lit

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Are your fingers itching to write something light-hearted? Perhaps a romance, or a comedy or both? Do you have an entertaining, flawed-but-lovable character in mind like Sophie Kinsella’s Becky Bloomwood? Do you have an interest in fashion, commenting on other peoples’ lives and/or brilliant quickie comebacks that you wish you could throw at people? Most importantly, have you been part of the perfect, most ridiculous moment and hope to capture it as a piece of writing? Well, now’s your chance. Bring: pen, paper and an open mind.

This series of workshops is designed for writers who just want to write. No advanced preparation required, just show up and get ready for a fun series of writing exercises.

Tickets are available here.

Event Price

$80 for HKWC members, $140 for non-members

Event Location

Room 1003, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong