30 Apr‘16

OWN Future Fair

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A FREE inter-school event for students aged 10-14 brought to you by OWN Academy; at OWN Future your child can find out more about the career and life paths they are interested in, and explore the different industries they may be unfamiliar with. The fair will bring together 30 inspiring young working professionals representing different vocations, ranging from the most artistic individual and start up founders, to the professionals and corporate leaders.

OWN Future Fair is a platform which strives to spark students’ curiosity for the future and start honing the relevant skills needed to succeed in life. Alongside the student speaker series, a parent speaker series will create awareness for you as a 21st century parent in support of your child’s life path.



Time: 9.30am-6pm

Click here to sign up, or for enquiries, click here.


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Event Location

CCC Kung Lee College
17 Tai Hang Drive, Hong Kong