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Have Yourself An Eco-Friendly Christmas

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I had a mini-revolution in my house the other day. While I no longer buy Christmas cards to send to everyone, I did pick up a stack of gift cards not realising that my two children had painstakingly made beautiful cards and gift tags using a snowflake paper punch, felt pens and recycled paper. I was rightly, and roundly, told off for wasting paper and deforesting the planet!
But it is true that this is a season of exceptional excess everywhere. If we can, why not try for a more eco-friendly Christmas.All it means is a bit more care and concern for our planet and the environment. These 10 tips are from Ecovision Asia for a lower carbon Christmas.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:

1. A donation to your favourite charity or organisation.

2. Tickets to a concert, sports event or theatre.

3. Buy only Fair Trade products like chocolates, fruit, coffees.

4. Buy organic products made from hemp, bamboo or soy.

5. Gift certificates to an eco-friendly spa.

6. Membership to a museum, club or organisation.

7. Pot plants, herbs, flowers or plantable trees.

8. Solar powered gadgets.

9. Homemade goodies like cookies, jams, cakes, hand-knitted jumpers, etc.

10. A home DIY recylcing or composting kit.

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