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How Do Non-Surgical Slimming Treatments REALLY Work?

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If you’ve been eating right and exercising, but want an extra boost toning your muscles, the non-invasive EMSCULPT technology at High Society Skin Clinic could just be the thing to give your butt (and abs, and arms) a lift.

Mamas come in all glorious shapes and sizes – we see you! Body positivity is a fantastic movement making its mark and it’s great to see real mums on social media proudly showing their beautiful bodies, pre- and post-birth!

While we’re not afraid of hard work to get results, sometimes life can get in the way and weeks can fly past. If you’ve not had a chance to work out, or maybe you have but the results are taking longer than you’d like, how about enlisting some additional help? For a non-invasive way to help towards building muscle and burning fat, enter: EMSCULPT by High Society Skin Clinic.

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How Does EMSCULPT Work?

This body lifting treatment is FDA-approved for use on your abs, bottom, legs and arms as the first aesthetic device to use high-intensity focused electromagnetic therapy (HIFEM) to firm and tone muscles. It’s suitable for both men and women and according to High Society Skin Clinic, you can expect to see results typically within four sessions, twice a week for two weeks (though results may vary).

Your session starts with a consultation to determine target areas, before creating your ideal schedule. Then, you’ll lie down and relax while the EMSCULPT device is fitted to your target areas. The HIFEM technique stimulates muscles to work and burn fat without pain, downtime or sweating. Essentially, it contracts the muscles as you would when exercising, rapidly doing the heavy lifting for you.

As it is a non-invasive treatment, it requires no recovery time or any pre- or post-treatment preparation. According to High Society Skin Clinic, it has also been tested for safety and efficacy through seven independent US based clinical studies (contact the team for more information). In the days after your treatment you may feel a little sore, in a similar way to if you had gone hard at the gym.

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Benefits Of EMSCULPT

If you’ve encountered Diastasis Recti – the separation of the stomach muscles during pregnancy – and you’re finding it challenging to navigate your recovery, the treatment has been shown to help reduce up to 10.4% of abdominal separation after birth based on clinical trials (though results may vary), while increasing abdominal muscle mass by 15.4%.

Clinical trials also showed up to a 19% reduction of fat, 4.37cm reduction of waist size (over three months)85% of patients reported significant improvement in the appearance of their buttocks and 96% were satisfied with treatment results. Of course, individual results can vary. 

As with any postnatal support or other body-shaping technologies, it’s best to consult your doctor prior to treatments to put your mind at ease. EMSCULPT shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for diet and exercise – rather, think of it as a supplement to a healthy routine.

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