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Instant Goddess hits TOPSHOP… hard! Plus, how to pose and a new detox in town

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No Instant Goddess’ wardrobe would be complete without a pilgrimage to the new TOPSHOP store, just landed in Hong Kong… and we even managed to get our Sassy feet through those hallowed doors, and past the crazy changing room queues by taking advantage of a personal shopping experience at TOPSHOP.

While TOPSHOP remains mobbed, the personal shopping experience is definitely the way forward. You book a complimentary appointment, tailored to your requirements. Choosing from TOPSHOP’s personal shopping menu, where highlights include: The Stylist (where you can break out of your style rut with a new head-to-toe look created especially for you), The In and Out (short on time, but you know exactly what you want? The personal shoppers will have the look ready and waiting for you), The Big Wow (if you need a special outfit for a big event the TOPSHOP experts on ‘wow’ dressing will have you red carpet-ready in no time at all), The Miracle Worker (we’re talking complete wardrobe and style overhaul), The Spoil Me Birthday (get a few friends together to get spoilt rotten on your birthday with personal shoppers catering to your every style whim), and the list goes on! If you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy there’s always the None of the Above, where you dictate the appointment.

Once you arrive, you’re greeted with cupcakes and champagne (provided you’re not on a detox like me!) Then the stylist-cum-personal shopper sets to work, running you through the rail of outfits, including accessories, they’ve selected for you to try in your very own spacious personal fitting room.

We didn’t select from the personal shopping menu; instead the stylists were told we were Sassy Mamas in need of style inspiration, and this is what they come up with for me, and Sassy Mama editor, Kate (who spent a lot of time looking down at her feet…).

The dawn of a new wardrobe, or not? Take a look…

PicMonkey Collage

Now to see what we looked like rocking the picksbest fashion foot forward!

PicMonkey Collage 1

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage3As you can imagine, the Instant Goddess was chomping at the bit to get her hands on the TOPSHOP merchandise, and once let loose in the store, this is what I came up with myself. Over to you to decide who won the fash-off – TOPSHOP or Instant Goddess??

PicMonkey Collage 1

PicMonkey Collage 2

PicMonkey Collage 3

And for those of you worried about the infamous price hiking that goes on when a western store arrives in Hong Kong, fear not! The prices are very comparable to the UK High Street, with only a 1% hike. We also found the selection of sizes to be pretty good, from a UK 6 to a UK 16 in many of the ranges. That said, stock flies out of the door, although new designs arrive daily. Yes, daily!

Stuff that didn’t make the cut but should have…

PicMonkey Collage

Photos of our shop-a-thon courtesy of Sabrina Sikora Photography

We had a ball… it’s an absolute must, so to book an appointment for TOPSHOP personal shopping email [email protected] or call 2118 5383.

How to look good in front of the camera!

This week, Zosia Zacharia, is sharing her top photography tips to get you looking your best in front of the camera. I could have really done with genning up on this advice before the TOPSHOP shoot above… oh well, there’s always next time!

Good Posing 2

1. How to pose in front of the camera

For starters, good posture goes a long way! Stand up tall, don’t slouch – even if you think you need to duck to be included in the photo as you will later find out you didn’t! Shoulders back, chest out and don’t forget to suck in your tummy, ladies & gentlemen!

Standing with your weight on one leg while the other leg is slightly bent, with your body to the side is always much more slimming than front-on. Angles look good in photos, so hand-on-hip is a classic failsafe option, slimming your arms at the same time.

2. Location

Don’t stand in the sunshine at midday as it will cast aging shadows on your face – the sun is much softer before 10am, or after 4pm. If you must have your photo taken when there is bright sunlight find a bit of shade such as under a tree to diffuse the strong sunlight.

3. Red eye?

Don’t look directly at the flash – look slightly beyond and above the camera.

4. Group shots

Link arms with each other around the waist and tilt your heads together. It might feel silly but it creates a ‘connection’ in photographs. Don’t put your hand on somebody’s shoulder as the hand will look out of place.

5. Smiling

Unless you have amazing teeth and no wrinkles then a big cheesy grin might not be that flattering (it’s not for me!). Take note from today’s red carpet stars who smile with their eyes (probably a result of Botox…). Smiling with your eyes will give you a much more ‘real’ and intriguing expression. Think of something that makes you happy with your lips slightly parted and voila!

7. Camera angle

Don’t let anybody point the camera up at you. Portraits are always much more flattering with the camera slightly angled down, or you looking up at the camera – great for eliminating double chins and making your bone structure stand out.

8. Lens

Now for the technical stuff! If you want to invest in a specific lens then 85mm on a full frame camera is known as a portrait lens and makes everyone look gorgeous!

Midweek Meal Inspiration

Forever You image

It’s day 2 of the detox, which means no food all day, and only one measly shake at lunchtime… I’m like a wilting flower… so more food next week!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a detox, I’m currently trying out Clean 9 by Forever You Hong Kong. It’s a 9-day plan whereby your body is gently cleansed of harmful chemicals and built up waste matter, enabling you to safely lose around 7-14lb, although results obviously vary. It’s endorsed by doctors and nutritionists as a sensible safe plan, unlike some of the other faddy diets out there, and the best part is – you’ll feel amazing after! How I feel remains to be seen, so I’ll report back on my success (hopefully!) soon.

If you would like more details on Clean 9 and Forever You, email Kate Cullis at [email protected]

Yogi tea saying of the week: Take yourself by surprise”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Who needs food when you have TOPSHOP??”.

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are always, always worth it XX

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