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Oh what to wear?! This week the lovely ladies behind What the Frock?! (great name if there ever was one for a clothing label) have come up with some fabulous new designs. In fact, it’s been a busy time as of late for our local designers with two showcasing new collections. What the Frock?! kicked off the week’s proceedings with their latest frocks, closely followed by Bejewelled Bespoke, and boy do they have some treats in store for us Goddesses. As ever, shopping goggles at the ready!

Lauren and Maria, the lovely ladies behind What the Frock?!, have again come up with some just perfect and very wearable designs. Available to buy online and also in store from Polkadot, 2F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2521 0636. Here are my faves from the new collection:

3/4 sleeve lace dress, in navy blue lace with silk lining ($1,199). 3/4 sleeve shift dress with slip, in grey & white polkadots 100% silk ($1,099).

I am, of course, loving the yellow statement necklace shown which the WTF girls used, this J Crew inspired number is available on ETSY.

One shoulder dress, in pink zebra print 100% silk ($999). Embellished one shoulder dress, in navy blue 100% silk ($1,099).

Short sleeve shirt dress, in indigo & green floral print 100% silk ($1,099). Ruched neck shift dress, in red & purple floral print 100% silk ($999).

Note: Put in your diaries that WTF?! are having a Sip n Shop at Polkadot on Thursday September 13 from 5pm: Polkadot, 2F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. Tel 2521 0636.

The Crown Jewels

Local jewellery designer Tricia Yap of Bejewelled Bespoke has just launched a fabulous new collection showcasing natural gemstones set and wrapped with 24k gold vermeil. Inspired by hidden treasures and dreams of romance, Trisha has come up with a rich and opulent collection bang on trend for AW12, utilising beautiful natural and semi precious stones such as agate, jade, onyx, quartz, mother of pearl, citrine and the list goes on. Get it before it goes though Goddesses, as each piece is handmade and produced only in limited quantities. As you can see, these pieces can be worn individually but I do love to stack my jewels and these are made to stack. Prices range between $300 to $1000; available from Polkadot, 2F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. Tel 2521 0636. 

Watch it!
These little beauties popped in my inbox from Shopbop and I thought they wouldn’t mind me sharing the love. I’m especially loving the Michael Kors Parker Glitz in rose gold which comes in at number 1. It’s bling but who cares?! For something a little different, I am also loving the wrap watches from Sarah Designs based in New York and La Mer Collections below.

Michael Kors Parker Glitz rose gold watch. Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Dave Watch $2014. Nixon Oversized Time Teller $1007.


Michael Kors $2819. Marc Jacobs Amy Watch $1611. Michael Kors Men’s Runway Watch $2014.


Sarah Designs wrap watch in metallic leather and gold $1595. Sarah Designs all chain wrap watch $2658. La Mer Collections Bali stud wrap watch $926.

La Mer Collection black studded watch $789. La Mer Collections snake simple wrap watch $709. La Mer Collections limited edition croco wrap watch $1007.

Don’t forget to check out the Michael Kors store in The Peninsula Hotel if you can’t wait, won’t wait for your MK timepiece. The prices for watches are usually not too far off the US prices once shipping has been taken into account.


This week Andrea Clark, Creative Director, of The Mandarin Salon at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong deals with the long and short of it.

If you have long hair, do you need to cut it off at a certain age and, if so, what age? It used to be that women felt they needed to cut their mane off forever after 30. We now see hair staying longer on women in their fifties and up.

However don’t keep your hair long out of fear that short hair won’t look good. It may suit you better and I am not saying all of us can get away with long hair just because Madonna does, who incidentally turned 54 on August 16, so well and truly trumping the cut it all off after 30 rule. As long as you have it cut regularly and keep it healthy then I think you should be who you want to be.

I have had a lot of requests this month to keep hair long, but I’ve been livening it up with a chic or interesting fringe or bangs. Sometimes I’ve chipped into the bangs or swept them to the side with a deep parting. You would be surprised how many variations you can have.

If you are thinking of going short there are a few celebrities paving the way. Look at Anne Hathaway or Michelle Williams and in the more mature set Helen Mirren and Judy Dench. Younger than this, look no further than Emma Watson for inspiration to chop. Remember Demi Moore in Ghost, Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors. Long to short and back again? Which will you go for?

Midweek Meal Inspiration

This week I give you Nigel Slater’s grilled prawns in yoghurt and lime… as ever quick and easy and pretty low in fat.
Enjoy Goddesses!

Ingredients – For 2:
450g large prawns in their shells uncooked if possible (you can also use frozen with shells off…I did! But defrost first.)
2.5cm knob of fresh root ginger, grated coarsely
2 cloves of garlic, crushed to a paste
1 tsp garam masala
½ tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp ground coriander
Finely grated zest of a lime
1 tbsp lime juice
100ml thick yoghurt

Thread the prawns onto long stainless steel or wooden skewers. Mix together all the other ingredients with a teaspoon or so of salt and lay the skewered prawns in it. Leave them there for 15 minutes. Get the grill hot. Remove the prawns from the marinade and cook them on each side for 4 minutes (watch them though if you’re using shell off they’re likely to be smaller and cook quicker.. when they’ve turned pink they are cooked and if they were cooked already i.e pink when you bought them the cooking time will be less). The prawns are ready when they have caught a little on the grill and are juicy inside their shells.

Tip: These are great stuffed into fluffy white toasted pitas served with a crisp green salad on the side. I also gently reheated any leftover marinade and drizzled it over the top of the cooked prawns.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “So often it happens that we live our lives in chains. And we never even know that we have the key.”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “WTF?!”.

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are always, always worth it! XX

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