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Clear, Effective and Affordable Life Insurance from The Insurance Mole

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The best time to get sorted? Right now…

We’re just going to come right out and say it… are you and your family prepared when life serves you lemons? Planning responsibly for the future is essential to ensure that your family is safe and secure. We never want to think about the worst happening to ourselves, our spouse or our children. As mamas, we pretty much have our PhDs in preparing for any and every situation. Thankfully for us, we’ve discovered an insurance provider that is on the same page as us.

Enter The Insurance Mole, Hong Kong’s first and only online insurance aggregator. The Insurance Mole offers life insurance premium quotes and comparisons at the click of a button. It is not only easy to navigate, but more importantly provides bespoke information from various life insurance companies. It’s time to forget about the stress of engaging with multiple agents or brokers. Powered by Groveland Financial Services, The Insurance Mole enables you to find the most appropriate option for your family, instantly.

How Does Insurance Mole Help Protect Your Family?

It’s hard to know the best option for your family and we know as a busy mama you need a quick, simplified response to your queries. You can breathe a sigh of relief, mamas as The Insurance Mole will guide and assist you with these important decisions. Choosing the correct product can be confusing and daunting, we know. The Insurance Mole provides succinct descriptions of each product to streamline the process. This information also equips you with enough knowledge to know the right questions to ask brokers.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t stress, The Insurance Mole breaks it down for you

There are four categories of life insurance available from The Insurance Mole, with full details available on their website. Simply enter your basic information to find out the high-level differences between each product tailored for you. Talk about an easy and personalised experience!

We can thank our lucky stars, as The Insurance Mole does a good job of breaking down the differences between the four product categories (term life, whole life, term critical illness, whole critical illness). Here’s are a few important points that will move you in the direction of becoming an insurance EXPERT!

– the cheapest form of life insurance is TERM life insurance
– the most expensive life insurance is WHOLE Critical Illness insurance, because it pays out not just on death, but also a diagnosis of a list of many critical illnesses (cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc).
– insurance premiums (for life and critical illness, term or whole life) get more expensive as you get older, so it make sense to buy when you’re younger
– insurance companies accept or reject your application for insurance based on many factors, one of which is your medical health condition, so the time to purchase is when you’re healthy and young

With no registration, no need to provide personal contact details and no delayed response time, don’t you think now is the perfect time to properly prepare for the future and check another thing off that to-do list?!

Exclusively for Sassy Mamas, Groveland is offering select domestic helper insurance polices for as low as $228 for the first year. To qualify for the offer, is simply log on to The Insurance Mole and submit your basic details here for your life insurance premium quote, using the promo code ‘SassyMama2017’, in the Notes section. They’ll email you back to confirm eligibility for available offers. Valid until Sunday, 31 December 2017.

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