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It’s All About That Girl Power: Empowering Costumes for Our Little Girls

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For the kiddies, Halloween is nothing without candy and a costume. Yes, little kids love to dress up. So this year, why not take advantage of this enthusiasm and empower our children to dream big! With a departure from the usual suspects of witches, black cats and Disney princess costumes, you can make dressing up for Halloween an opportunity for little girls to let their power shine through! Inspire our little Sassy girls to do big things by helping them dressing them up as an inspirational woman to which they can look up. Here are some costume ideas for girls with serious girl power!

Frida Kahlo

Is your little one in love with colours? Does she love putting her creativity on paper? Frida is one of the most influential female artist of our time, re-known for the native culture and colors embodied in her self-portraits; Mexico has even crowned Frida’s work as an icon representing the Mexican culture. Despite living in the early 1900s when woman artists were not taken seriously, she was not swept away by the tides of conventionality. Her independence and confidence can be seen in one of her most iconic looks- the monobrow! She never compromised her self expression and always stayed true to herself … how very sassy!

Mother Teresa

This is a simple and lovely costume for your little saint! She doesn’t look like the stereotypical fierce superwoman, but Mother Teresa was indeed a superwoman, powerful and influential as they come. Introduce the beauty of giving by dressing your boo up as the woman who dedicated her life to the betterment of society. Mother Teresa was a leading humanitarian figure who helped countless people. For her efforts to help the impoverished and suffering she received the Nobel peace prize in 1979. Her legacy lives on, and today the organization she started, Missionaries of Charity,  has grown to house hubs all over the world devoted to helping those in need.

Rosie the Riveter

This iconic hot sauce, Rosie, is a cultural idol from the United States. Rosie’s posters were used to encourage women to take on the jobs left vacant by the men who went to fight in WW2. When all the men were away fighting, the women took up the factory jobs to produce the munitions and war supplies. This poster empowered women everywhere, and it eventually became a symbol that inspired a social movement to give more jobs to woman. So flex those muscles little ones, because just as Rosie the Riveter embodied strength and limitless possibilities for women, you can be whoever you want.

Amelia Earhart

Do you believe you can fly? Amelia paved the way for females to glide through skies. She was the first female to receive a flying license, and first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  Amelia’s accomplishments in aviation inspired female aviators, but she also encouraged all women to take on roles that were conventionally for men. Put on that badass aviation helmet and encourage the kids to spread their arms because nothing is impossible when you believe.

Merinda from Brave

If your little girl has long and radiant red hair, make use of it and dress them up as Princess Merinda from Brave. She is one of the most inspirational of all the female Disney characters being skilled in archery and known to take things into her own hands (in a good way). True to the title of the movie, Merinda is brave and fierce. Donning on her clothes and personality, your little girl will feel empowered and confident.

1ef7922562aa214358116569fcb77ba6Cleopatra VII Philopator

Does your babe have that cute linear fringe? With or without, this costume is super chic and fun to pull off. Other than having gorgeous style and electrifying make up, Cleopatra was a pharaoh of Egypt, one of the few female state leaders of her time (fun fact: she became a ruler at the age of 18). She was a powerful and wise pharaoh. She studied many subjects such as philosophy, literature, art, music, medicine and spoke six different languages. During her reign, she made Egypt more powerful and rich. Cleopatra was a strong independent ruler and fought for her country in a world dominated by men (what a rebel!).

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey is famous for her beauty and charismatic acting in leading roles of classical films. Ranked as one of the greatest female screen legends of all time. Who hasn’t heard of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? But Audrey was not just a great actor, she was also a humanitarian who devoted the later parts of her life to UNICEF. She worked to help the impoverished children from the poorest countries. For her work as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a statue, “The Spirit of Audrey”, was built in recognition of her legacy. Dress up your girl as this beautiful superstar humanitarian!

d7dc7370cd80feb93e9b5f73edc8c140Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Your daughter may enjoy pretending to be Katniss from The Hunger Games for Halloween. A character demonstrating bravery, independence and leadership acts as a true inspiration to girls everywhere. And don’t forget her kindness to those in need of help. But keep in mind, a Katniss costume should be reserved for more age-appropriate girls.

Special thanks to Hannah Tsoi and Jacquelyn Yuen for their contributions in writing this article.

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