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Is Your Kids’ Favourite YouTuber Safe? What Parents Should Know

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Wondering who MrBeast is? Not sure if Flamingo is a person or a bird? Find out who some of your kids’ favourite YouTubers are — and whether they’re making kid-friendly content!

Of course, generation gaps are real (how many of us used to cringe at our parents’ cluelessness over fashion and pop culture?), and it’s easy to accept that the things our kids like are weird, which they often are. However, if you let your kids have screen time, it’s always a good idea to at least have a basic understanding of the content they’re consuming. We can’t always assume that the apps we’re using to filter in family-friendly content on YouTube for our kids are doing their job, after all!

Although you may know the Cocomelon and Pinkfong theme songs by heart, there are lots of YouTubers out there that are popular among kids that stay under their parents’ radar. So while this isn’t an exhaustive list of the most popular YouTubers that kids of all ages like, we canvassed our own kids and their friends to find out who their favourite YouTubers are and what they’re all about. Read on to get up to speed!

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MrBeast kid friendly youtuber family friendly youtuber

MrBeast — channel focused on philanthropy, challenges and social experiments

Perhaps the most popular YouTuber right now, MrBeast is best known for his positive, upbeat attitude and his viral content on philanthropy, such as building wells or giving away food in impoverished locations. While these are all good things to expose kids to, MrBeast also does a lot of extreme stunts and challenges, including surviving solitary confinement or being buried alive (yikes!). Luckily for impressionable viewers, many of these challenges are difficult to replicate, and MrBeast does often stress that these stunts are only for entertainment.

What parents should know: MrBeast’s content falls closer to kid friendly than not, but it’s important to note that MrBeast has pioneered a specific type of video editing that relies on quick cuts and attention-grabbing effects. While no specific study has been made on its impact on the attention span of young viewers, MrBeast himself has started to move away from this kind of editing.

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Flamingo — channel focused on Roblox and humour

It’s easy to see why so many tweens and teens are fans of Flamingo‘s channel. The content is edgier than most gaming channels targeted to young viewers, with pranks and trolling par for the course. An offshoot from a previous channel that was demonetised for overuse of profanities, Flamingo creates content is somewhat less controversial. However, the channel is especially popular for Flamingo’s sarcastic commentary, such as mocking his banning on Roblox for inappropriate content, and topics on dating and women.

What parents should know: Flamingo’s content tends to veer towards adult topics and humour, which is exactly why he’s so popular among the tween and teen age group, who feel more grown up watching his channel.

kid friendly YouTuber Blippi family friendly YouTube

Blippi — channel focused on educational entertainment for young kids

Aimed at younger viewers usually in the two-to-five range, Blippi started off in 2014 with basic educational videos teaching kids things like colours and shapes, as well as showing visits to amusement parks, sporting events and indoor playrooms. From the start, Blippi content hasn’t strayed from wholesome and family-friendly content, and the channel has since expanded to an animated series and a musical. While the educational merits of some of the videos might be questionable, they are generally appropriate for the age of their viewers, and the character Blippi himself is quite silly and lovable to kids.

What parents should know: Blippi is probably closest to the 80s and 90s kids shows we watched as children ourselves, so parents will likely feel more comfortable with this channel. Do note that there’s a lot of merchandise associated with Blippi. The videos don’t push them hard, but many kids will find it hard to resist the toys.

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Dream — channel focused on Minecraft and gaming

If your kid loves Minecraft and they watch YouTube, chances are that they’ve seen at least one Dream video. Dream’s channel focuses on coding and gameplay, and the commentary in the videos is generally about what they’re doing on Minecraft, although there are references to adult topics once in a while. However, Dream has been embroiled in many controversies, including accusations of cheating and problems with his fans.

What parents should know: it’s wise to remember that Dream’s channel isn’t actually targeted at children, so there will be moments where inappropriate situations or topics will be brought up.

Toys and Colors YouTube, family friendly YouTube, kid friendly YouTube, pretend play

Toys and Colors — channel focused on family activities and pretend play

Started by a group of families that wanted to see more family-friendly content on YouTube, Toys and Colors features kids in pretend play. Never heard of the term? It means acting out playing as opposed to actually playing so that viewers can feel like they’re part of the experience. Videos include playacting owning a pizza restaurant or gardening, but most videos usually involve different activities spliced together, and lots of silly family interactions.

What parents should know: when it comes to content, this channel is definitely wholesome and will appeal to younger children. However, the pace and editing of the videos tend to reward short attention spans, and the channel often nudges you to other Toys and Colors channels, as well as the app.

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Main image courtesy of Marta Wave via Pexels, image 1 courtesy of MrBeast via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Blippi via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of Toys and Colors via Facebook

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