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Encourage Your Child’s Creativity And Grow Their Love Of Art

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Get the kids immersed in Art Loop’s Art Academy programmes!

They say one of the best ways to encourage creativity is to provide a safe space for the imagination to thrive – with a little expert support along the way! If your child has a creative streak that you’d love to encourage, why not give them the opportunity to express themselves under the guidance of a dedicated team of professionals to help hone their natural talents. Sound good? Then Art Loop is definitely for you! This art school believes that art is a process, not a product, so budding artists are given the freedom to create while guided by necessary techniques and knowledge of relevant art history.

Learn Art Loop

Students aged 3 to 18 years old have free rein to explore a choice of topics and materials they wish to use – because Art Loop firmly believes they’ll become much more motivated and will build confidence in their craft that way. Rest assured that the school is committed to necessitating the development of your child’s artistic behaviour, ensuring their creative thinking, problem-solving and other essential developmental skills are honed along the journey.

There are many reasons that make Art Loop stand out from the crowd. One of which is the transparent art studio, which allows parents to observe how students are learning and engaging with the art medium and class content. Students can also learn from one another in their creative process through observation and shared discovery.

Learn Art Loop

The Art Academy programmes, classes, workshops and curriculum emphasise four key elements:

  1. Art history (including art appreciation and visual literacy)
  2. Art skills (painting and drawing techniques and art theory)
  3. Student development (mental and emotional)
  4. Creativity and communication skills (self-expression and aesthetic judgment)

Besides painting and drawing techniques, children can learn and explore the use of different art mediums, such as ceramics, mixed media and photography, with the school’s skills-based projects.

Understanding that art is a powerful language for individuals to express themselves, the school facilitates an open dialogue for children to share their artwork and articulate ideas during each term’s presentation week. At the end of each project, pupils will get the chance to present and share their artwork and creative process with their parents and peers. This provides a platform for students to articulate their ideas and build confidence, developing creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as communication skills along the way. No one can say that art isn’t multifaceted!

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Art Loop, Unit 1001, 10/F, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, 5238 8186, [email protected], (visit the website for more locations)

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