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Sports Meet Luxury At Hong Kong’s Latest Private Club

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Take a peek inside The Spin Club, a private luxury club for sports enthusiasts in Hong Kong.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a private, members-only club? Smile Xu, a national-level Ping Pong player turned entrepreneur, combined her passion for sports and luxury experiences to create The Spin Club. A private club located in Wong Chuk Hang, it boasts the finest facilities in golf, table tennis, and Latin dance, along with a fine dining restaurant and a private party space. What’s more, the club’s concierge service gives you access to premium worldwide sporting events, making you feel pampered like never before.

So what does this mean for you? Read what Smile has to say about her inspiration for creating The Spin Club and what you can expect as a member…

The Spin Club Fine Dining Hong Kong

Can you tell us more about the concept behind The Spin Club and what inspired you to create it?

Our goal in establishing The Spin Club was to share our resources in sports and luxury entertainment with those around us, and in doing so, to build a community of members connected by our shared passions.

Our members are high achievers, who are diligent in their pursuit of excellence professionally and personally, through their chosen sports. They also expect a first-class dining experience and to have access to premium events around the world. We serve those needs, and in doing so, we hope to create the finest private club in Asia.

What sets The Spin Club apart from other sports and social clubs in Hong Kong?

When members come to the club, they enjoy an exclusive concierge service that provides access to the world’s biggest sporting events – like Masters @ Augusta in the US, Paris Olympics and golf tournaments around Asia – and the finest golf courses at a minimal service charge. We have a small and tight-knit, sports-focused community that regularly gets together to engage in casual conversations or potentially have business collaborations, social outings and other exciting events.

Spin Club Hong Kong Golf

How has your personal experience in sports influenced the vision and values of The Spin Club?

I perceive most of Hong Kong’s training system as mere “babysitting,” where students are awarded badges and certificates without actually learning and mastering skills or understanding the value of sports education. I believe that the foundation, skills and physical fitness are important for achieving success in sports. To start from the basics, it is crucial to receive proper training and put in the work. This is precisely why I established The Spin Club to provide professional training to junior athletes and their coaches in the Hong Kong community.

How do you select and manage the coaching team at The Spin Club to ensure the best-in-class training programs?

Our coaches at The Spin Club are of the highest level in Asia and share the same values as The Spin Club. We have a former national team player as our ping pong coach, PGA professional golf coaches, and several times Blackpool Dance Festival champions as our head dance coaches.

Spin Club Hong Kong

How does the Junior Membership programme contribute to nurturing young athletes in Hong Kong?

Our junior memberships give our young athletes access to all the necessary resources to set them up for success. They receive in-house training with the best facilities and can partake in camps where they can practice on the field.

For example, The Spin Club has partnered with the AJGA (American Junior Golf Association), the best junior league in the world where they can showcase their skills in front of college coaches and get noticed for potential college scholarships. We also work with Green Apple Champions School to develop a premium programme for our junior dance.

What has the response been so far?

The response has been overwhelming! Our members value the quality of our facilities and coaching. Due to our wide range of services, including the concierge service and AJGA exemptions for junior golfers, we have received strong interest from potential new members. Our restaurant is gaining popularity, especially as people discover the value of our Dining Memberships.

Want to become a member? Get in touch with The Spin Club to enquire about membership opportunities and prices!

The Spin Club15/F, Landmark South, 39 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, 2628 0211, [email protected], Instagram: @spinclubhk,

This article is in paid partnership with The Spin Club. All images are courtesy of The Spin Club.

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