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Best Toys For May: What To Give The Birthday Kid

May birthday gifts
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Plan ahead with these brilliant birthday gifts.

Still worrying about what to get the birthday boy or girl? We’re back with a roundup of the hottest toys on the market this month to make your birthday planning a little easier. This month we cover a range of ages and from a variety of outlets, so plan ahead as some of these gems may take a while to reach you if you’re ordering online. But whether you want to get something now or are just browsing for some inspiration, we guarantee these gifts will put you in parenting good books for May.

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Budget ($100 to $250)

best toys for children

Playon Crayons ($85)

We’re going back to basics here, but often when we’re buying presents for toddlers, it can be a bit of a challenge to think of age-appropriate gifts they will actually use. That’s why we love these crayons. They have been durably designed just for little hands. They are fun, stackable and teach kids how to correctly hold a pencil. And best of all, they’re stain free (so hopefully you’ll still get your deposit back if junior decides your apartment walls are their canvas….)! For Ages 2 and up. Available from Ta Da here.

Mirror Me Cards ($120 +)

Mirror Me Cards were created through a Kickstarter campaign, so you can either simply buy a deck of the cards or donate more if you’re looking to invest. We included Mirror Me cards in our list this month as we love the ethos behind the game. It’s a series of 53 illustrated cards designed to help children process their emotions in a safe and healthy way, through game-play and storytelling. You’ll have to think ahead if you want to buy this for the birthday kid, as there is no option to buy in store. Suitable for ages 4 and up. Available from Kickstarter.

Don’t Step In It! ($199)

Let’s face it; kids can be weird. And the popularity of this game proves it. We were recently on child-minding duties with several restless kids, stuck inside on a rainy afternoon and this game saved the day and had the kids giggling like crazy (and the adults, although we’re not proud to admit it). Put on a blindfold, spin the spinner, and then take that many steps across the mat where poop is strategically placed (don’t worry, it’s fake putty, we’re not trying to give you flashbacks to the horrors of pre-potty training). The aim of the game is (you guessed it), don’t step in it! We think this is better for younger kids as the mat isn’t very big but the perfect size for Hong Kong apartments. For Ages 4 and up. Available from Toys R Us.

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Mid-Range ($250-$700)

Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cube Complete Set­ ($354)

Inspire the birthday boy or girl to get creative with these story cubes. These are great for kids who love writing stories or creating their own plays. They’re also a fantastic tool for helping kids who struggle to harness the power of their imagination. Older kids can use these to create sketches and plays together in a group, taking it in turns to act out what the die tell them. Alternatively, you can use them as a tool for helping younger children with creative writing homework. For ages 8 and up. Available from

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Remote Control Train My Dino ($329)

Who wants remote control car, when you can have a remote-control DINOSAUR? Your new Jurassic, electronic pet has two modes: wild and training. Wild mode, as you can image, lets the robo-dino roam around and roar on its own accord, while training mode allows kids to “train” the ‘bot to follow their hand movements and instructions. Ages 5 years and up. Available from Toys Club.

Kidizoom Smartwatch DX ($599)

Our kids are always on the go, and they need to keep up-to-date with the latest tech to help them with their busy schedules (playdates, doctors’ appointments, nap times). From the tried and tested Vtech, the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is the best smartwatch out there for kids. The watch helps teach kids how to tell time by letting them choose between more than 50 3D digital and analog displays. It also includes a voice recorder, camera, calendar, a calculator and many interactive games that can be played on its touch screen. We think this would be great for children to have on them when you’re traveling; let them take some responsibility and be your own personal timekeeper. Recommended for 4 to 9 year olds. Available from Vtech.

Splurge ($700 +)

Botly Coding Robot

Botley™ The Coding Robot Activity Set ($739)

We are fully on board with encouraging our kids to get involved with STEM from a young age (especially girls!). Botley is one of most popular programming toys in 2018 and we love it because, get this, it requires zero screen time! Kids get the chance to program the ‘bot’s movement using a remote. Playing with coding toys such as Botley will help improve their logical and problem-solving skills. Once they’ve figured out the path they want Botley to take, they’ll have him zipping across the room, following their instructions. He even comes with detachable robot arms to make him move objects. Just don’t forget to buy extra batteries for the robot and the remote! Ages 5-9. Available from

Best toys to give in May

Globber Evo 4 in 1 Scooter ($959.90)

There are lots of scooters we could have included here but we particularly like this one as it has three different functions. The scooter can transform into a pushchair, walking bike and a scooter, which to us, seems like you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! The Globber can be used across all ages, as your child grows, so it’s got some longevity as well. It comes in multiple colours ranges, and everything is adjustable, so it will always be smooth cruisin’ for your little one. Globber also makes adult scooters in case you get a little jealousPushchair/walking bike modes recommended from 15 months. Scooter mode recommended for ages 3 to 6 years. Available from Toys R Us. More info on Globber here.

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My Little Pony: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle ($1229)

Can you imagine anything cooler than having Princess Twilight Sparkle as your new best friend? This animatronic horse responds to sounds and touch, tells stories, sings and has a host of phrases. She can even move her head and hoof as you chat with her. Her legs are bendable so you can make her sit, stand or prance. We know this might seem a little on the expensive side, but this was one of the biggest selling toys of 2017. And hey, it’s still cheaper than buying an actual horse…and a heck of a lot easier to keep in your house. Suitable for ages 3 to 5. Available from Toys R Us.

*Prices are accurate at time of publication. Shipping costs may not be included. Featured image by Fotownetrza courtesy of Pixaby, image 1 courtesy of Studio Stinky, image 2 courtesy of Sergey Galyonkin,via flickr Image 3 courtesy of Learning Resources.

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