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A Music Class for Every Member of the Family at the Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute

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Calling all parents and mini-musicians: Classes you won’t want to miss!

With school in full swing, our little learners are absorbing knowledge like a sponge! And whilst, maths, science and English classes sure do tick the intellectual boxes, they’re not quite hobbies that allow interactive exploration. We’re all about building passions that merge intelligence, skill, and creativity, so naturally we turned to the art of making music…

If you’ve got a budding musician at home, The Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute is here to turn that interest into a real skill! With a mission to bring Hong Kong families together through social music education, you can bet that we are in full support of this extracurricular activity. These experts offer early childhood music and violin classes through a “mother-tongue” approach – meaning that the students get to experience music in the same way they learn to walk and talk: through the supportive encouragement of their parents and community! The highly qualified teachers at HKSMI all believe in “talent education”, the idea that every child can learn, love and excel in music with the right teaching methods.

Wishing there was a way you could get involved too? You’re in luck, mamas! HKSMI is offering us a 3-STEP Family Music Programme – so parents can take part! The classes are suitable for beginners from infancy to age seven so there really is no need to wait to start music lessons! Their Suzuki Talent Education Programme (STEP) includes children and their parents every step of the way. And don’t worry parents: no previous musical experience is needed.

With Step-1 Infant Toddler Music you can start off with classes that promote an early development of language and social skills, and make your way up! We especially love the sound of Step- 3’s Violin class, in which learning the violin is a social and non-competitive experience! There are no formal exams, but there are graded graduations to keep the students motivated and on track. That sounds like a huge sigh of relief, given this city’s stressful environment. This beginner violin programme has retained 100% of the students  from last year to this year. If that isn’t success – we don’t know what is! And we’ve got good news for you, mamas: they’re growing with new faculty, so there is no longer a waiting list! Hooray!

If you’re thinking of moving from Hong Kong, the Suzuki Method is an internationally recognised programme which will allow your mini-musician to continue learning wherever you’re planning to go! Suzuki programmes make sure that they’ll have a piece of home through the passion they have for music – and these highly qualified teachers are all over the globe. From tiny tots to 18 year olds, the HKSMI programmes promise to take care of your little musical genius, every step of the way!

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Need more convincing? Simply mention Sassy Mama at registration to receive a FREE trial class for STEP 1 or 2 throughout October and November. You lucky Sassy Mama readers can also receive 5% off any programme when signing up for the rest of the year (until June 2017). Get in touch with director, Dr. Evelyn Osborne by emailing [email protected] or visiting their website at 

Time to foster that love of music nice and early, and let your kiddo learn in a nurturing, productive, and creative environment!

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