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Looking To Change Schools For 2018-2019? Stamford American Is Offering Fast-Track, One-Week School Applications!

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Apply to Stamford American – get an answer ASAP

Understanding the Hong Kong education system can be tricky; heck, understanding any education system around the world can be tricky. You want to find the absolute best fit for your kid, but there’s so much to factor in; and when you have finally found the holy grail of education and made it through the lengthy application process, the wait to hear if you’ve been accepted can be torturous. How are you expected to kick back and enjoy the summer when your child’s dream school is hanging in the balance? Okay, so that may sound a little dramatic, but it really can disrupt your plans and be a significant cause of stress for you and your kid, especially if you’re new to Hong Kong and are looking to settle your kids in ASAP.

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If this sounds like you and you’re currently searching for a new school – don’t stress. Stamford American understands this process can cause added worry, so that’s why it is offering fast-track, one-week admissions applications for families looking to apply for the 2018 to 2019 academic year. Families will be able to get an application result within seven days of assessment (yes, that’s not a typo – only one week!). That means no hanging around for ages, biting your fingernails, waiting for that all-important letter or email. This is especially excellent for parents who are looking to quickly switch schools for the next academic year or for those who have just found themselves new to the 852 ( Hi! Hello! Welcome!) and are looking to help their little (or big!) learners make new friends and hit the ground running as quickly as possible. Stamford is a through-train school, that will be offering the IB diploma, so there are places for all ages (currently the school offers PP (age 5) to Grade 8).

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Stamford American is a great option if you’re currently looking into the many different international schools open to us in HK. It sets itself apart with its inquiry-based learning practices, backed with strong math and literacy standards. As you know, math and literacy may be the cornerstones of education but in 2018, we’ve also got to be looking out for more for our kids. Education and the future workplace are constantly evolving, so Stamford aims to make our kids “‘future-proof”. With this in mind, it’s forward-thinking “STEMinn” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Innovation) and world language programmes (Mandarin, Spanish and EAL/ALP programmes for non-native English speakers) to make sure that students become innovative, global citizens with an all-rounded education, ready for whatever the future holds. To understand what each student needs, the school also uses MAP assessments to benchmark individual progression in key skills. This means, most importantly, every child is given the chance to grow and learn at their own speed thanks to the individualised support of Stamford’s personal approach to teaching.

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If this sounds like the school for you (and why wouldn’t it?), get in touch with the admission department soon as spaces are limited. And if you do decide to apply – best of luck! At least you don’t have to wait long for the result. To find out more information about the application process click here.
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Brought to you in partnership with Stamford American School Hong Kong. All images are courtesy of Stamford American.

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