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Mama-about-Town: The best Yakitorei in Hong Kong, Chai Wan is soooo up and coming and kids love transport!

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Hi Mamas,

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Singapore… We’re heading there for a long weekend, then on to Bangkok for a few days for a bit of a city babymoon… It gives me comfort to think that my future self will have already managed to pack and will hopefully be sipping on a cold drink somewhere gorgeous! Until then, I still have the packing to tackle now (in the past) unfortunately! I’m not a light packer, which leads to lots of “heated discussions” in our family, as I like to just chuck everything we could conceivably need in one huge suitcase. Thankfully the older my daughter gets, the less she needs, and I don’t need to wake up in a cold sweat about whether we’ve got the formula, sterilizing tablets, calpol and on and on! We’re staying at The Capella in Singapore, so I’ll let you know whether it’s as lovely as it looks!

SumiOK… on to my “finds of the week”. First up, Sumi. We have a bit of a thing about yakitori here at Sassy – it can be quite controversial where you think the best place is, especially as, while we love Yardbirds hip vibe, it is a little pricy compared to other joints in the city. Then there’s Yakitoritei, the tiny hole-in-the-wall yakitori place in Happy Valley, which is absolutely delicious, but hard to get a table at late notice, and perhaps also less than totally authentic? Well, my new fave place for skewery goodness is Sumi in Causeway Bay. It’s in a less than glamorous building, which appears to be filled with what we’ll nicely term “girly clubs”, but take the elevator up to the 9th floor, and delights await you. You could really be in Japan… It’s smoky, full of atmosphere, and not cramped at all. The food is absolutely yummy, and they’ve got an amazing selection on offer, including some options I’d never seen before. Grab a group, have a few beers and enjoy — promise you won’t regret it! Sumi, 9/F, 485 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2980 3312.

Secondly, the big event of last week was of course, ArtHK, but there was another little independent event that you might have blinked and missed, organized by the artistic community in Chai Wan. What artistic community in Chai Wan I hear you ask? Well, the very end of the blue line is definitely the new Wong Chuk Hang, with creative types making the most of old warehouse spaces with gorgeous views and (relatively!) cheap rents to move in and set up tons of interesting studios and other businesses. Some new-to-me discoveries were Chaiwanese, a super-cute and kid-friendly cafe serving delicious coffee, cakes and snacks, and Latitude 22N, a ceramics studio where you can shop for super cute pottery bits that make great gifts. It’s probably not a day out in itself, but following a trip to the Coastal Defence Museum with the kids, it makes a fun stop-off to check out this totally up and coming neighbourhood.

My last discovery of the week? Forget fancy classes and endless scheduled activities, what my 19 month-old daughter really loves is TRANSPORT. An afternoon riding the “ding ding” (tram) the length of the island, catching a bus, or cruising the MTR delights her more than anything else right now… The best things in life really are (almost!) free!

Until next time Mamas!

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