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Mei Mei: Hair Goodies for Little Girls

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As a mama to a little girl, I thought I’d be able to get a bit more creative with her clothing than I do… After all, while I adore to see her in the cutest little dresses, she’s happiest when she’s free to move, toddle and romp around in little leggings and tees. All my girly impulses get channeled into one thing – her hair accessories! Nothing makes me happier (stylewise) than seeing a cute clip nestled in her little curly locks, and I’m an avid shopper, picking up clips at H&M, Pottinger Street and SEED amongst other places… A couple of weeks ago though, we were contacted by a lady named Mei Mei, who has started her own line of hair accessories, and very kindly offered to send me some samples to try out… I eagerly awaited their arrival, and my heart sang as I opened up the package… As well as the crocheted flower bands shown in the pics above and below, Mei Mei makes crocheted clips with glittery centres, felt flower clips and headbands galore. My little stash was so brightly coloured and I just couldn’t wait to try them out!

Unfortunately for us, my little one was struck down with Hand, Foot & Mouth last week, so wasn’t much in the mood for a fashion parade, but this week it’s a different story and I’ve had her out in a different Mei Mei style each day! They’re soft, brightly-coloured and so kid-like – nothing that looks too “adult” or over-the-top.

Considering the pieces are handmade, the prices are extremely reasonable too. All prices on Mei Mei’s facebook page and blog are quoted in Aussie dollars, but she just converts them directly to HK dollars based on the day’s exchange rate, which makes the crocheted headbands about HK115, and the crocheted clips HK32… Not too bad! I think I know what my friends with little girls will be getting for their Christmas pressies this year!

View the Selection: Visit Mei Mei’s Facebook Page or Blog
How to Order
: Email [email protected]

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