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Monthly Book Review: Sassy Mama’s Best April Reads!

Monthly Book Favourites April
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Check out five of our favourite books to read with your kiddo this month!

The best books give our children the opportunity to explore their imaginations, empathise with different characters and get their fun on! The five books that made it into this month’s roundup do just that, and will become cherished favourites in your house to be read and reread by you and your children together.  Enjoy!

Not A Box by Antoniette Portis 

Not a Box

Written and Illustrated by: Antoinette Portis

As a child, cardboard boxes are your best friend on a rainy day: castles, space ships, cars, art projects—the possibilities are endless.  But not everyone has such an imagination and there will be those that see just a box.  This rabbit gets it though and brings your child into a robot world, a burning building and even outer space, all through a single box.  And after you and your kids read this book, why not try out some of that creativity for yourself with a few of our favourite cardboard box ideas here.

Find it: Available online at Fishpond for $149.

Hogart The Hedgehog Turns Nink

Hogart the Hedgehog Turns Nink

Written by: Blair Reeve
Illustrated by: Chris Stapp

Apparently hedgehogs do not know their ages after eight because they only have eight toes on their back feet.  So it is when Hogart the oldest hedgehog in the town of Snorning sets out to finds out what happens after eight.  Along the way, he meets different animals in the night who help him towards his objective and become his friends.  While the dark illustrations may be better suited for children a bit older (5-9 years old) this one is worth holding onto even if your kids are a bit young yet.  With its expertly-crafted rhythm and humour, your kids will love knowing more about Hogart (NINE, it’s NINE!) and you won’t get sick of reading this over and over again.

Find it: Available online at Anapest Press for $125.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

Written by: David Cadji-Newby
Illustrated by: Pedro Serapicos

You’ve probably seen this advertised around Facebook but have you ever tried it yourself?  The story takes your child on a journey to meet mermaids, lions, imps and other creatures to find your child’s name.  Your kids will love seeing their own name in this story and following along as the book spells out each letter.  It even comes with a personalised dedication at the beginning of the book so it makes a perfect gift for a friend too!

Find it: Available online at Lost My Name for $250.

Happy to be Blu Embracing Change

Happy to Be BLU

Written by: Sheetal Tahilramani
Illustrated by: Donald Wu

You wouldn’t think the water cycle and teaching life skills would go together but Tahilramani has managed to combine the two to create a story about Blu, a sweet little raindrop who needs to leave his family and friends behind for new adventures in the world below.  Follow Blu as he tumbles from his safe home in the clouds into the ocean and back up again into the sky.  This story is perfect for kids experiencing changes such as an upcoming move, a new sibling or starting school.

Find it: Available online at for $100.

Big Box of Boynton

Big Box of Boynton

Written and Illustrated by: Sandra Boynton

Author and illustrator Sandra Boynton has entertained children with her silly rhymes and songs in over 40 books.  In this box set, Pajama Time!, Barnyard Dance!, and Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs! will get your kids moving and dancing (and definitely giggling!) as you read aloud their fun verses.  Dancing pigs, sleepy pajamaed animals and cute dinosaurs are illustrated in a bold and colourful style in three chunky board books that little hands will love flipping through.  And the tunes are all searchable online so you’ll find yourself humming along even after your kids are in bed.

Find it: Available online at Book Depository for $138.03.

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