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I Got It From My Mama: Team Sassy Dishes on Their Mums

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There’s a reason some people think they can do anything… They listened to their mamas!

The older we get the more we see ourselves in our mums. Besides inheriting some physical attributes, a lot of our quirks, habits, work ethic and outlook in life has been influenced by our mums. Join Team Sassy as we celebrate mamas and mama-like-figures in our lives this weekend. Raise your glasses full of champers (obviously!) and let’s thank our mums for all they’ve passed down to us!

Kat with Mum on mother's day


My mum is someone who will always put others first. She will always go above and beyond to show her attentiveness and appreciation to people around her. Her selflessness is admirable – to a fault! There were times  when I was growing up she would almost predict how I would feel in a certain situation and remind and guide me to act accordingly. I definitely think that her sensitivity towards others has rubbed off as I find myself keenly aware of how other’s feel. Out of all the traits I admire the most about my mum, I’m so glad she’s passed this appreciation for others down to me and my siblings. Love ya, ma!

Tania and her mum for mother's day


As the superwoman who raised me, I’d say the number one thing my mum’s taught me is how to say “thank you” – and mean it. I’m lucky that those two little words have been so deeply ingrained in my family culture, that they’ve moved past being a last minute add-on, and become a feeling I can constantly rely on. That’s something worth being thankful for in itself! That gratitude has translated into respect (respect for myself and others), and I frequently find myself saying her words in my head “whether it’s mutual or not, you represent you”. Oh, and we also share an unhealthy obsession with chocolate and cheese. So I guess that means we both know how to share.

Lauren and her mum on mother's day


The older I get, the more I realise the similarities between my Mum and I (help). Just joking. Love her! I’ve always admired my Mum for so many reasons, but one of the things I have definitely inherited from her is a creative side. Despite having a demanding full time job, she has always nurtured her creativity, creating amazing art works and even owning her own studio in Hong Kong at one point. I’m lucky to have grown up with a strong, independent woman as a mother and I hope I’ve also inherited her strength and resilience along with her softer side. She always knows how to have fun and apart from a mischievous sense of humour, I hope she’s also passed down her open-minded outlook on life and her empathy (it’s all about having that high EQ!). She cares deeply, wears her heart on her sleeve and is always up for new adventures (I’ve definitely got her sense of wanderlust!) – yep, I got it from my mama!

Surmayee with her mum for mother's day


Whenever anyone looks at a family picture, they always talk about the striking resemblance between my brother and my mum, and me and my dad. While I may not lean looks wise towards the woman I admire most in my life, I’d like to think that I have picked up some of her quality traits and snuck them into my own personality. I would have to say that I have learned (or rather, am still learning) grace, dignity and humility from my mum. No matter the situation, I know she’ll be there to fix it or help out or pull it together with a classy smile and not a single hair out of place. If I could carry myself with half the dignity that my mum does, I would be pretty happy with life, to be honest. She’s taught me that strength of character is so important and that while life can be challenging, any hurdle can be leapt over as long as you breathe, remain calm, think rationally and conduct yourself with the utmost grace. Mama’s my #lifegoals, for real! Now if only I could learn her incredible cooking skills…

Jessica and her mom on mother's day


In terms of physical traits, I am so thankful I got my mom’s height! Growing up, I never appreciated being tall as I towered over most of my friends (and boys!). My mom would always tell me I would appreciate it sooner or later and she was right (as usual)!  I also took over my sense of tradition from her. Family traditions are very important in our household and my mom goes to great lengths to make sure we uphold them. I love the thought of taking what she has taught me and passing those traditions onto my family one day!

Winnie and her mum for mother's day


What I appreciate most about my mum is her compassion and work ethic to achieve any goals. She’s that selfless person that always puts others before herself. She’s the most hard working person I know and she literally never complains! She is definitely my superhero. My mum will never give up on the task ahead even though I know she’s tired and exhausted. Mum has taught me that you always have to make the best out of every situation, whether it may be good or bad. She also reminds me to keep smiling through it all. Oh, I’ve also inherited her sense of style and her love for shopping…! Thanks, Mum!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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