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Top Quality Baby and Children Toys from the French Favourite: Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty French toys in HK
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Top tier toys to keep the whole family happy…

Whilst we’re tiptoeing around the house in the hope to avoid stepping on a colourful (and pokey) piece of plastic, it’s hard to believe that our little darlings really want a new addition to their already immense toy collection. Let’s be honest, mamas… The drawers in our Hong Kong homes are already overflowing with toys our bubs will eventually outgrow, so we’re not looking for more toys. We’re looking for better toys. Better quality, better value, and a better experience for the family. Enter, Moulin Roty!

When we found out that this gorgeous French toy brand was introducing the official Moulin Roty Hong Kong site, we felt like a child waiting for Santa to arrive! The site stocks the widest range of this brand available in our city. The reason these toys are different is simple: they’re made to bring back the number one essential for childlike wonder… your imagination!

This iconic French Brand has been making kiddos (and parents) happy for over 40 years, and now has a huge following all over the world. In fact, we’ve met some French parents who promise only to buy Moulin Roty for their lucky littles! The company began with a group of university students looking to escape city life. This is why all the toys they sell are nostalgic of simpler (non-smartphone-and-PlayStation) times. The items really do capture the classic essence of the past, with retro alternatives that remind us all of when we were children (hey, it wasn’t thaaat long ago!).

Sassy Mama Perk As a special launch bonus, Moulin Roty is giving away a soft toy worth over $200! The first 50 customers to spend $650 at checkout get to pick between two cuddly toys: Albert the Sheep or Apolline the Mole! Make sure to order before 23 December, because we have a feeling those 50 giveaways will go quick!

These experts specialise in gorgeously crafted wooden toys that are made with such class and flair that you’d proudly display it on your mantelpiece. And the soft toys are all made with the exact same quality: top quality. These are definitely not toys you’d tuck away in a drawer. If it sounds so good you wish they appealed to the mamas and papas too, fear not! They also offer beautiful French furniture and accessories that are a sure way to style up any home. If you’re looking to stay in the loop for future promotions and products, simply join the Moulin Roty mailing list!

We love that Moulin Roty offers healthy and stimulating entertainment all through those vital early stages (from newborns to 6 year olds). The unique and intricate designs make it clear that they are a big advocate of free play, so you can see why the brand brings the whole family a little extra spark of magic.

Brought to you in Partnership with Moulin Roty

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