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What To Give The Birthday Kid: Best Gifts This Month

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Put these gifts in a drawer until you need them!

Every day is someone’s birthday, and once our kids are in school, they start getting a million and one invites to parties! And because we’re so busy with our everyday lives, we often don’t have any time to go shopping for presents. We know many of you are smart enough to stock up, but finding what’s hot and new right now takes more energy than most parents have. We’ve done the legwork for you and have come up with a list of the hottest birthday gifts this month that every child will love to have. Stockpile them now, folks!

Wow Wee Fingerlings Birthday gifts

Budget ($100 to $250):

LOL Big Surprise (Ranges from $39 to $299)

Who doesn’t love a surprise when it’s their birthday? This gift has been taking kids by storm because you never know what you’re going to get – and that’s half the fun! But what your child will know is there are up to 50 surprises inside (yaass!) and there are a series of collectable dolls as well. (Age 3 and older) Available here

Hatchimals Colleggtibles ($99)

Still fresh from the Hatchimals craze last year, these are the tiny versions that little ones still find adorable. With more than 70 different kinds, these are apparently easier to care for than Hatchimals. Children hold the egg in their hands and when the heart turns on from purple to red, they know it’s ready to hatch. Each one comes with a collector’s map and checklist! (Age 5 and older). Available here.

Wow Wee Fingerlings Baby Monkey ($149)

The latest trend in collectable toys, kids of all ages are loving these little guys. They ‘come alive’ when you turn on a switch and cling to your little (or big!) kids’ fingers. They are all the rage right now, so no matter what colour or style you get, the birthday kid will love it! (Age 5 and older) Available here

Star Wars The Black Series First Order Stormtrooper Executioner ($199)

Is the birthday kid a Star Wars fanatic? This super-hot new toy is one all the kids will love. On every best-seller list around, the birthday boy or girl will enjoy creating scenes from his or her favourite Star Wars film. (Age 4 and older) Available here.

Egged On ($199)

This game takes a bit of adventure, because it’s the new version of Pie In The Face, only you get soaking wet! Half the eggs are filled with water but when you’re playing, you have no idea if you’re the one who’s going to ‘crack’ one on your head. Players take turns spinning the wheel to see if they crack it on their head, someone else’s or something else), and the anticipation is fun for everyone! (Age 5 and older) Available here.

Mid-range ($300 to $700):

Pop Up Pirate Game Best Birthday gifts

Exploding Kittens ($303)

Every parent (and child!) loves a game for the whole family, and this new party favourite is no exception. Exploding Kittens is a great way to get the kids off the electronics and on to playing! For two to five players, you take turns drawing cards until you pick the Exploding Kitten (which is when you are ‘out’), but lasers and other fun ‘ways to get out alive’ are possibilities! (Age 7 and older) Available here.

Pop Up Pirate ($397)

This super fun game is great for little swashbucklers. Take turns putting swords into a barrel until the pirate pops up – but no one knows when that will be! For two to four players, this will be a hit at any party. (Age 4 and older) Available here.

Googly Eyes Game ($499)

Much like the beloved Headbands, this hilarious game is a challenge in the most creative way. It challenges your and your kids’ vision by making you don crazy googly eye glasses. You then have to draw something for the others to guess, but because you can’t see well, it won’t be easy. Is that a chicken or a dog? An airplane or a snake? The fun in all in the belly laughs as each member takes a guess. (Age 7 and older) Available here

Barbie Dream House ($499)

Always a favourite for years, Barbie’s Dream House has gone through decades of improvements and this one is no exception. This version is designed to be portable (always a plus with our fast-moving lifestyles!) and it has several sections that can be decorated, designed and moved around. Best of all, the accessories are designed to plug into spaces on the set! It comes with great additions such as place settings for two, a cooking pot, a soap bottle, a hairbrush, a tablet, a clock, a towel and a blanket. The birthday child one will have hours of entertainment with this one! (Age 3 years and older) Available here.

Splurge ($800 and above):

Leapfrom Leapad Platinum Birthday giftsLego Boost Creative Toolbox ($1,280 to $1599)

The timeless Lego toys keep getting more creative and challenging, and this toy is no exception. Talk about keeping your kids busy – it has a whopping 847 pieces! With the instruction booklet, they will build Vernie (that’s the robot’s name!) and marvel at his interactive motor, colour sensors, activation buttons and more. (Ages 7 and older) Available here.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit ($1,399)

If you and your child’s friends would like to really wow the birthday kid, get them this winner of six toy awards. It comes with more than 16 missions and challenges, and is designed for kids to get creative (without having to ask mum or dad for help!). Comes with droid parts, electronic blocks and a free app. (Age 8 and older) Available here.

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Edition Learning Tablet for Kids ($2,259)

Kids these days. They’re itching for any type of electronics, but if you’re like most parents, you don’t want to get them started too early. This learning tablet may just change your mind. There are more than 1,000 games (all designed or approved by LeapFrog educators) which automatically adjust to learning levels. But that’s not all. The little tyke will be able to take pictures and videos of family or friends with its two cameras & video recorders. LeapPad Platinum also lets kids safely surf kid-appropriate content on the Internet with its kid-safe web browser, and much, much more. (Age 3 and older). Available here.

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash; image #1 and 2 via Fishpond, image #3 via LeapFrog

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