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Cribz: Welcome to Henry’s Outer Space Room!

Henry's Room Featured Image for Cribz
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Henry’s room is out of this world!

We’re starting a whole new column here on cool kid’s rooms around Hong Kong. Inspired by a popular MTV show, we’ll be taking a look at how mums all over the city are decorating their nurseries and kiddo bedrooms. We’re excited to see how mamas make use of the space they have, incorporate special pieces of furniture or art and style the bedrooms to be a place of rest and play.

In this edition, we check out Henry’s galactic bedroom and ask his mama, Laura to share more about how they decorated his room.

Cribz Henry's outer space bedroom

How would you describe Henry’s room?
Outer Space.

Henry's room with wall decals

Where did you get your inspiration from?
Taking inspiration from his astronaut bedcover we bought from Indigo Living I themed his whole room. I went on to Etsy to see what wall decals were available and I saw this awesome one of the earth and moon and thought it would look fantastic reversed out on a blue wall. To be honest I did go a little crazy online shopping at Etsy and ended up buying three packs of space related wall decals.

Henry's room astronaut bedspread

How did you get Henry involved with designing his room?
Henry definitely picked the theme… I couldn’t get him out of the show bed at Indigo so I knew that astronaut bedcover was the winner. He then helped pick which space stickers he liked with a little persuasion from mummy! I then enlisted the help of my husband to help apply them to the wall. I wouldn’t say Henry was exactly helpful in that respect, but he was very good at tidying up.

Henry's toy shelf

What was the hardest part of decorating this room?
Finding space for all of his toys!

Henry and rocket ship

What part of the room are you most proud of?
The blue feature wall with the earth, moon and stars. It was a bit of a job to apply the earth, as it came in sections, but it was well worth it as the result is pretty eye catching.

Henry's room with his mum

Is there anything in the room you would like to change?
I still feel his toys are taking over so any clever storage ideas would be very welcome!

Check out some of our creative storage solutions for small spaces!

A huge thank you to Kim Bacon from Kim Bacon Photography for the beautiful photos of Henry and his room!


If you think your bubba or kiddo has a cool room, send us a picture at [email protected] and your room might be featured!

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