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Rock On Baby…. Rockabye Baby CDs!

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Before the arrival of the wee one, my hubby and I always had the tunes pumping in our home (I love that we can still get our Sirius satellite radio steamed here!).  And while we still have all ‘our’ music in heavy rotation, we’ve added a little something just for baby J – her very own rock n roll, courtesy of Rockabye Baby. One of my good friends back in NYC is a big wig at Esquire magazine and when he had his baby the Music Editor there gave him a big ol’ stack of these cd’s.  The first time I went over to visit his little bundle of joy I was instantly struck by the mellow tunes gently playing in the background – but wait…is that…Coldplay???  Yup – it was.  But in lullabye form.  And it rocked.

Since then, these CDs have been one of my primary go-to gifts for baby showers.  It’s babycentric, but really for both parents – makes baby music not make you want to jump out the window.  And now that we have our own little one, when she’s not listening to Mozart (does this really make them smarter??), she’s jamming to mellow renditions of The BeattlesBob Marley, and The Rolling Stones.

Where to buyHMV Hong Kong – also on iTunes.

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