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Sassy Mama Kids Book Club x The Kelly Yang Project: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

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Our latest expert reviewer is 10-year-old Jessica Lui, who is turning her attention to Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons just for us! Here, French International School student Jessica talks us through the story’s humour, its complex grammar and why it’s important to appreciate your parents! Well said, Jessica!

As soon as I picked up Walk Two Moons, I had my nose stuck in it for a week. Walk Two Moons blends two stories and a set of memories together, flowing as unconsciously and smoothly as silk. Sharon Creech, the author, spreads the memories of the main character, thirteen-year-old Sal, into two stories. It was almost like reading two books at a time! This might sound confusing, but once you read it, you won’t feel that it’s confusing at all! In the story, Sal shares moving memories of her mother.

Sharon Creech also has a sense of humour that can make your stomach burst at the seams! She writes humorous similes like the following: “It might sound a bit extreme for a man to call the police on his own tottery old parents, but when my grandparents got in a car, trouble naturally followed them like a filly trailing behind a mare.” Metaphors, like Sal’s mother once wrote in a postcard (“Salamanca is my left arm. I miss my left arm.”), are moving and can break people’s hearts.

I would recommend this book to children of all ages. Walk Two Moons includes lots of things that children of around eight to eleven can learn in writing. Sharon Creech throws in a mixture of adjectives, similes, adverbs, and more. For children out there who don’t treasure their mothers, read Walk Two Moons and you’ll change your minds about your ‘boring’ mothers!



About Jessica Lui
Jessica Lui attends French International School. She is currently ten years old. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and solving anagrams. She has been studying literature and writing at The Kelly Yang Project for two years. At KYP, she takes Introductory Critical Reasoning, a debate and essay writing class.

About The Kelly Yang Project
The Kelly Yang Project is Hong Kong’s premier after school English writing centre, specializing in creative writing, critical reasoning, public speaking, English literature, and much more. Its innovative writing courses have helped thousands of students improve and love writing. For more information, please click here.


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