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Sassy Mama Storage Solutions with Sagitine

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Hong Kong’s the land of the shoebox apartment, which means finding places for all your family’s stuff is a real trial. Sure, you can do your best with what you’ve been given but sometimes you just need to throw your hands up and invest in a few not-so-sassy plastic boxes. But not anymore mamas. It’s time for you to meet Sagitine.

Founded by Tina Clark, this Sydney mama was pretty much in the same boat as us – she needed a long-lasting storage solution perfect for her treasured items and was loathe to skimp on style. After no small amount of research and hard work, she came up with Sagitine’s gorgeous trademark stackable boxes.


Made from high grade sustainable cardboard, each box’s leather handles can be monogrammed and comes in a range of sizes for everything a mama needs. Worried about messing up your flat’s colour palette or space? Tina’s taken that into account by offering white and black options and creating a clever little stand that transforms stacked boxes into chic storage units.

With an eye to please the most discerning Sassy Mama, Sagitine even provides customers with a number of fab accessories designed to make your hidden treasures last even longer such as lavender and herb pouches and polished horn clothes brushes for your best threads. If you’re a little forgetful (this Sassy Girl’s raising her hand here), Sagitine’s even developed their own cataloguing app so you never forget where you put what. They just launched in December and you can grab the boxes off their website here – what are you waiting for, ladies?


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