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Sassy Scoop: Easy, organic home delivery with Homegrown Foods

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With new restaurants, launches and events popping up constantly on the Hong Kong dining scene, it can be pretty hard to eat healthy while living here. We’ve all made promises to ourselves at one point or another to cut out heavy, fat-laden restaurant dinners for healthy home cooking, and then inevitably ended up at the local pizza stand or getting dim sum takeout when our creations flop (the tiny kitchens and lack of oven space don’t help!) Thankfully, healthy cooking with fresh, quality ingredients doesn’t require much mastery around the kitchen and that’s why we’re so excited about Homegrown Foodsa community-driven online grocery store stocking only the best in hand-selected, organic ingredients.

Homegrown Foods carries a variety of food products across the board, from kitchen and pantry staples to less available ingredients in Hong Kong such as quinoa and sun-dried tomatoes. The best part is that they personally research and hand-select each individual product, therefore saving us from having to sort through all the various nutrition labels here without an inkling of whether we’re actually purchasing real extra virgin olive oil vs. the fake refined oils.


From Homegrown Food’s diverse online store, you can find kitchen staples such as dry goods, sauces, condiments and jarred foods, as well as eggs, sausages and meats. All the products come either from local or regional organic farmers, which goes a long way in supporting small sustainable enterprises and boutique businesses who are the ones producing ingredients we actually want to consume!

If you’re one of those mums who tries to be conscious about the food going on the dinner table, you’ll absolutely love not having to worry about chemicals and pesticides — it’s 100% organic produce, meats and dairy products for your kitchen. The store also guarantees that all the vegetables are harvested within 24 hours of being delivered to the customer’s door, therefore requiring zero artificial ripening during long-haul transportation.

Their site is easy to navigate and order straight to your door, so hop on here to get started. As an added bonus to Sassy Mama readers, you can $100 off your next purchase — simply email your shopping list to [email protected]. Check, check and check!


Brought to you in partnership with Homegrown Foods

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