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Sassy Scoop: Sensory@SPRING: using all seven senses to grow and learn

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In a world where busy schedules and modern lifestyles can get in the way of sensory learning and development, children who are less sensory integrated may find it difficult to concentrate and learn at school.

During the first five years of a child’s life they gradually begin to piece together how all seven of their senses work, and this sensory perception shapes their world. Sensory integration really can’t be understated, and that’s why the Sensory@SPRING programme offers a safe and controlled environment for children to access a wide range of stimuli that deliberately uses each of their seven senses and gets little minds whirring.

Engaging all seven senses

We are all told there are only five senses, when actually there are seven and most occupational therapists will tell you that the two – proprioceptive and vestibular – that are overlooked are super important especially for young children.

The proprioceptive is the joint and muscle sense which forms a child’s body and spatial awareness without vision. This sense needs to be honed to prevent nasty bumps and falls, and even helps build hand-eye coordination!

The vestibular sense involves coordination and balance – children who don’t get enough vestibular exercises find it difficult to remain still or upright and can be easily distracted.

While training these senses, Sensory@SPRING classes gives eyes and ears a workout with a range of visual and auditory activities; and the sense of touch is kicked into action with various tactile and messy play materials that are interesting and fun to play with. Oral-motor development is also enhanced with activities to get children yapping away sooner.

Developed by highly experienced Occupational Therapist Ann Bridgewater, the SPRING sensory programmes are designed to be totally age-and skill-appropriate, and to be as engaging for kids as they are educational. Programmes focus on assisting children in reaching the necessary developmental milestones from birth to three years of age, and take place in SPRING’s own purpose-built sensory room, where all the equipment selection was overseen by Ann herself.

Courses are available for children from birth-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 2-3 years, making it a great activity to add into the schedule pre-primary school.

Children who can more easily interpret their environments using their sensory skills may find learning easier once they take their first steps into the academic world, helping them on the road to success from day one at school. Enrol in a Sensory@SPRING class and discover how to develop your child’s senses.


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Tel: (852) 3465 5000

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