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Organic Food Stores: Health Food And Organic Vegetables In Hong Kong

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It’s easier than you think to find fresh, healthy organic food in Hong Kong. There are online health food stores for everything from your snacks and supplements to sustainable seafood and fresh produce. Or, shop in person and support local farmers’ markets. It’s never been easier to buy organic!

Do you ever find yourself ordering in because of the convenience when all you are really craving is a nice wholesome homemade dinner? Sometimes, it can be difficult to source good quality meat and seafood, groceries and nutritious, organic food (even better when it’s fresh from the farm!). We get it, you want to make sure that you’re feeding your family the best produce you can find and, ideally, to ensure your fruit and vegetables comes from a reliable source and isn’t wrapped in thousands of layers of plastic. The good news is that there are actually numerous organic stores and companies readily available in Hong Kong that can provide you with fresh, wholesome, organic produce and the vast majority will also deliver straight to your door! Here are some of our go-to organic, green and fresh food spots around the city.

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Featured Organic Food Stores
Organic Health Food Stores
Fresh Organic Vegetables, Fruits And Groceries
Hong Kong Farmers’ Markets

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eat the kiwi organic food

Eat The Kiwi

Organic food is more than a label – you want to have confidence in what you are buying. Eat The Kiwi has done the research for you, and only stocks seafood from trusted sustainable suppliers and from farms where animals are free-range, steroid, hormone and antibiotic-free. Many of the producers take it one step further and are organic too! Amongst its award-winning, high-quality organic products are free-range eggs, chicken, coconut oil and even a selection of organic feminine hygiene essentials. It also stocks plenty of plant-based ingredients and ready-to-eat meals making dinner time a breeze. We love this company’s environmental effort to avoid plastic use and use of “wool cool” which keeps frozen foods cool for up to 10 hours (perfect if you aren’t home to receive your goods) and dissolves to soil even when disposed of at landfills.

Eat The Kiwi, 9785 5706,,

Organic Health Food Stores In Hong Kong

Mum shopping for organic vegetables with baby and daughter

Green Common — Plant-based groceries with organic options

Stock up on your grocery and personal care essentials at Green Common. It carries an extensive range of imported plant-based products in-store and online. If you’re after meat substitutes made with plant-based ingredients, you can now find Beyond Meat and Omnipork as well. You can also visit one of its six deli shops to enjoy a delicious meat-free meal.

Green Common, various locations across Hong Kong, 3855 5100, WhatsApp: 6450 7605,,

Redwood Nutrition House — Health food store

Whether you’re looking for some extra nutritional support, have cholesterol problems, or need sleeping aids – Redwood Nutrition House has got you sorted. At its Wan Chai store, you can find almost everything healthy and organic that your heart desires, from holistic health bites to nutritious snacks (always be sure to stock up on those) as well as gluten-free options! As an awareness-oriented health food store, it builds on the fundamentals of naturopathic medicine. Simply place your order and have it delivered to your door, or opt for self-pickup from one of its stores.

Redwood Nutrition House, Shop 9B, G/F, 164 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 6385 5211,,

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Spice Box Organics — Organic food and groceries

This one is for the eco-friendly gods and goddesses! Because not only is it completely environmentally friendly, but it is also a socially conscious company that sources everything ethically. Aside from providing a wealth of spices (with the option to create your own herbs and spice box), Spice Box Organics ensures health for the mind, body and soul with its selection of traditional meds, household and body care products.

Spice Box Organics, various locations in Hong Kong,

Food for Life — Holistic lifestyle store with organic options

With tons of health foods and supplements to offer, this health food store is a convenient choice for all your vegan, gluten-free and organic needs. Order online and your chosen goods will be delivered straight to your door (outlying islands excluded), with free delivery offered for orders over $500. Alternatively, you can also pop into one of the four main stores and affiliated stores in Hong Kong.

Food for Life, various locations across Hong Kong, 2838 8902,,

organic food Hong Kong fruits

More Organic And Health Food Stores To Try

  • FoodCraft – Locally made health foods and organic products
  • Green Dot Dot – Many locations across Hong Kong (and online), specialising in Asian ingredients
  • Live Zero – A bulk food shop in Sai Ying Pun and Sai Kung with many organic options
  • Organic Plus – Eight convenient locations as well as an online store
  • Nutri Alley – Caters to those with allergies with its range of “free-from” products (dairy, gluten, nuts, etc)
  • One Vegan Shop – Vegan foods, supplements, beauty and household products
  • The Store – Organic groceries, supplements and health foods with same-day delivery

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Where To Buy Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Meat And Produce

Organic Stores in Hong Kong: Health Shops, Local Markets and Online Stores

Jou Sun — Farm-direct organic groceries

This local online organic food store enables its customers to buy affordable groceries that are fresher and of better quality by sourcing directly from 35 farmers and speciality importers around Hong Kong. You can easily find sustainable and organic produce, from fresh meat and seafood to dairy products, rice and other grains. With seasonal promotions and next-day delivery, your online healthy food shopping is made easier.


Eat FRESH — Local, organic fruits and vegetables

This online organic green-grocer has become a favourite among Sassy Mamas. Choose to order your fruits, vegetables and herbs a-la-carte, or opt for a regular subscription of seasonal organic goodies. We’re also loving its new Baby & Toddler Bag which features a recipe book full of healthy baby and toddler meals, as well as seasonal ingredients to help bring those meals to fruition.

Eat FRESH, 9785 3267,,

Vegetable Marketing Association — Hong Kong farmers’ collective

A government-run platform helping local farmers in Hong Kong! Ordering vegetables grown locally is the best way to give back to the local economy. Vegetable Marketing Association changes its selection of vegetables every other season. In winter, the vegetables include flowering Chinese cabbage, pea shoots, radishes, Irish potatoes and Chinese kale, amongst others. During the warmer months, you can find an assortment of gourd, cucumbers, string beans and eggplant.

Vegetable Marketing Association, 2387 4164,, 

More Hong Kong Organic Grocery Stores

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Organic Farmers’ Markets In Hong Kong

Organic food market Central Ferry Pier 7 in Hong Kong

Central Farmers Market At The Star Ferry Pier

Every Wednesday (unless there’s a T3 or higher), head to the Central Star Ferr Pier 7 as the second floor transforms into a farmer’s market offering local and organic fruits and veggies. Organised by the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden and SEED, you can rest assured that the produce here is as natural and fresh as it gets!

Central Farmers Market, Ferry Pier No.7, Central, Hong Kong,,

Mei Foo Market — Farmers’ market in Kowloon

If you’re living on Kowloon side and finding it hard to purchase organic produce, head to the farmer’s market in Mei Foo on any Sunday between 11am to 5pm. Take MTR exit B and right next to the wet market, you’ll find fresh veggies ready to be stirred up into a salad!

Mei Foo, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3480 7883,, Facebook

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on 25, April 2012 and most recently updated in January 2022.

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