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Sassy Scoop: Step, dance, clap and sing with RockABaby’s creative music courses in Repulse Bay!

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Listen up, Southside mamas! If you have little ones who’ve been banging on the keyboard or begging you for those guitar lessons we’ve got the perfect class for you! RockABaby is launching their creative music classes for kids at their Repulse Bay location, with a special trial offer of up to 50% off! From 19-30 August, you’ll be able to trial their popular classes at a super discounted price, so take advantage of this opportunity to give your kids a musical kick-start!

Musical Nursery (9 to 18 months) – This class introduces babies on a musical journey that will have them laughing and exploring the world around them. The program introduces little ones to the wonderful world of music through exposure to different genres, music and movement activities and story time accompanied by musical sensory play. With this class, your baby buds will start to develop their own rhythmic sense, along with language development and ear training!

Instruments & Music Explorers (18 to 30 months / 2.5 to 3.5 years) – The explorers class aims to encourage kids along in their musical journey with different thematic approaches to learning, including music theory, music appreciation and eat training. In addition to gaining fundamental skills, students in this class will have a ball jamming and dancing together with the teachers as they develop a love of music that will last forever.

Instrument Assessment Program (3.5 to 5 years) – At this stage, kids are ready to start learning to play specific instruments. Led by experienced instructors, students will have a chance to explore different musical instruments while learning the fundamentals of how each instrument works. Under professional guidance, students will greatly enhance their musical ability and start to pick up on rhythms, melodies and sigh reading.

Drum Jamming (3.5 to 6 years) – Every kid loves banging away on the drums, and this is the perfect place to teach basic percussion skills! This fun-packed class is 100% interactive and teaches music theory and notation in a highly dynamic environment.

Shake Your Body Kit (1.3 to 3 / 3 to 6 years) – Does your kid love to shake and move? Hone their natural rhythm in this fast-paced dance class that teaches kids how to explore body movement and improvisational abilities in a highly energetic environment! It focuses specifically on body coordination and rhythmic sense so your kid will be able to shake and shimmy to the main stage!

RockABaby offers many other courses to develop your kid’s musical ability, so you’ll be able to pick and choose the one that’s right for you! It’s never too early to instill in kids a love and appreciation of music, so sign up now to take advantage of RockABaby’s special introductory offer!

From 19-30 August, enjoy up to 50% off your first trial class. Space is limited, so sign up now! More details here

Miles ELP International Academy, B102, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, 3586 3070

Brought to you in partnership with RockABaby

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