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Sassy Scoop: We’re exploring a jungle of knowledge in Pokfulam with Safari Kid

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There’s a rumble in the jungle, mamas!

Safari Kid is a revolutionary new preschool that originated in the US, providing totally customised education to suit every child’s learning style. Essentially, Safari Kid takes our preconceptions of preschool and turns them on their heads, with classes based on ability, rather than age; and with progression to the next level based on kids hitting developmental milestones, rather than just their date of birth. Kind of makes sense when you think about it, right mama?

The huge 7600 square foot space throws open its doors on 6 January 2014 and will be chock-full of all the facilities you’d usually expect, plus a 2500+ square foot play area for little ones to burn off any excess energy before hitting the classroom. The Safari Kid concept has proven popular, with 21 centres across the world, and their unique programme structure ensures that kids are all able to read, write and have basic maths skills by the time they reach P1 – impressive stuff! So how does it work?

There are five groups – Turbo Toddlers, which caters to tots from 18 months to two years and is the only age-specific class; then Levels One to Four, where the curriculum is tailored to fit each student so that everyone gets to learn at their own pace… no more jamming little square pegs into round holes! Class sizes stand at no more than 24 per group, and there is an 8:1 teacher-to-student ratio to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone gets the attention they need.

Kids ‘graduate’ from each level based entirely on ability and hitting appropriate developmental goals, and this is assessed quarterly. The Safari Kids team have found that by following this programme, kids typically tend to be one or two levels above their current grade, and they are very much keen to engender a life-long learning approach, whereby kids actually enjoy their classes and will be racing you to get to preschool rather than trudging there reluctantly!

Another notable aspect to Safari Kid is their focus on building a strong community around the preschool, and they strongly encourage and expect parents to get involved, ensuring that the kids have the best possible experience during their time there.

There are also plenty of after-school activities to keep both mama and kids busy, including yoga, legotronics, fencing, science and tech classes, music, arts and crafts programmes, and plenty of language options too. Part of the school library will also be dedicated to parents who want to use the facilities while their wee one is busy.

If you’re as intrigued as we are, then Safari Kid is holding an open house day on Saturday 9 November 2013, and another on Sunday 24 November. To book a viewing, just email [email protected] or you can call 2177 0001 and for more information, check out


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