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Sculpture Parks – The Future of Sustainable Urban Development

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Nature and art are two places where beauty and inspiration live. Merging them together in “Sculpture Parks” has been a recent trend in urban development to increase not only the aesthetics, but the living quality in major cities around the world. Sculpture parks such as Chicago’s Millenium Park, Yorkshire sculpture Park, and Japan’s Hakone Open Air Museum have served as peaceful refuges in the midst of city living. Drawing from this new, innovative concept, New World Group introduces Sculpture Park Living with Mount Pavilia—its first residential project in Clearwater Bay.

As part of New World’s The Artisanal Movement, Sculpture Park Living brings both art and nature together to create a unique living environment which inspires creativity, originality and innovation. Located in scenic, resource rich, Clearwater Bay, Mount Pavilia aims to bring art and nature into people’s daily lives. Through careful planning and design, Mount Pavilia has become a breakthrough in residential projects. It is meant to inspire a new, personalised way of living where residents can experience art all around them feeling one with nature and free to express themselves with their own interpretations of what home means to them. From the children’s playground to many commercial spaces and throughout the complex, the Sculpture Park Living concept is evident throughout the complex.


The art at the complex is not your museum-type “do not touch” art. New World believes artwork should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. As such, the four main pieces of artwork within the complex have been created, by world-renowned artists, to be touched and even lounged on.

The Artisanal Movement behind Mount Pavilia and Sculpture Park Living believe in creativity, free play and cultivating imagination in children. To ensure a truly magical, one-of-a-kind limitless play area where kids of all ages can both mingle as well as meander on their own, New World enlisted award-winning children’s facility design experts, Carve studio from Amsterdam to design this wonderful junior dream world.

To further encourage the appreciation of nature and the importance of balanced ecology to sustain life and development, Mount Pavilia incorporates green living into the development with organic family farms in four ways. Bicycle parking encourages environmentally friendly modes of transportation to reduce pollution; the planting gardens and education area allow families to plant and harvest crops and learn about hydroponics and aquaponics together; the dining and barbecue area encourages cooking with fresh ingredients and understanding the importance of not creating waste. And lastly, Mount Pavilia has reserved vast amounts of land for gardens, hiking trails, an art trail and a cycling track.

The Mount Pavilia Shopping Center designed by award-winning architectural firm, Minsuk Cho serves as a landmark in the community possessing the “We are all artisans” spirit of the project. It includes everything to sustain a flourishing community from markets to restaurants to shops which provide for basic, every day needs. And on the top floor provides a space for local artists’ exhibitions and a place for community members to come together in the spirit of art.

Mount Pavilia is one step ahead in the world living developments. It is the new way of life and the future of sustainable urban development. Take a look and prepare to feel inspired.

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