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Sophie, the Accidental “It” Girl…

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Sophie the Giraffe
Now…let me set the record straight about Sophie the Giraffe – I promise you that I had no idea she was the ‘it’ toy when I brought her home.   None.  I was (and am still, really!) a clueless new mom.  Honestly, what got me were the cute eyes peering out from a box that was in French – and as a bit of Francophile, I bought it for the novelty of a seemly sweet-looking French toy in Hong Kong.  Little did I know she was the status teether

And it turns out there’s a TON of Sophie stuff out there…including a few of our new favorites

And if giraffes really aren’t your thing, Sophie’s adorable mushroom cousin Chan Pie Gnon (champignonmushroom en français) might be more down your alley…

Sophie's Mushroom 'cousin'

Chan Pie Gnon

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