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Forbrain®: How Self-Practice Headphones Can Help Your Child Study 

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A much-needed solution for homeschooling mamas!

Unable to make much progress with homeschooling? How about getting your little one to correct themselves and improve with Hong Kong-based educational tech company, Sound For Life’s bone conduction headphones? These headphones, Forbrain®, empower children and students to reach their full potential by improving reading comprehension, speech, focus and social communication skills (currently available at a 30% discount exclusively for Sassy Mama readers).

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Other bone conduction headphones available in the market are mostly used for listening to music. Forbrain® was not designed for that purpose – the main difference is that there is a microphone and a dynamic filter added. Together, they help to create sudden contrasts in the user’s voice when he or she speaks into the mic. Forbrain® keeps the brain alert, more receptive to the message and helps users to be more aware of their tone, rhythm and pronunciation. As such, it can result in a dramatic improvement of a child’s reading and pronunciation abilities and public speaking skills.

If that seems like a rather tall claim to you, here’s our unbiased review. We got one of the Sassy Mamas on the team to test it out while homeschooling and this is her first-hand account.

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My daughter has received speech therapy in the past for small misarticulations. While most had been corrected, I struggled with getting her to pronounce the /r/ and /s/ sounds – she replaced them with /w/ and /th/ sounds. The more I tried to correct her, the more irritable and self-conscious she got, so I stopped after a while. Once we got Forbrain®, she put on the headphones, the /r/ was corrected almost immediately, with as little as two repetitions. The /s/ still requires practice as she tries to remember but she can now clearly hear herself when she mispronounces and tries to correct herself without me prompting her.

I also asked her Mandarin tutor and music teacher for feedback after her lessons without mentioning what the headphones did (I wanted an unbiased opinion). The verdict was unanimous. She was able to pronounce more clearly and seemed more interested in the lesson than before. Her attention span more than doubled (from an average of 20 minutes to close to 45 minutes!), she participated more actively, was able to answer questions and was excited about getting them right. I wondered if she would find wearing the headphones for close to an hour annoying, but to my surprise, she even wanted to wear them during her video calls with her class teacher! She said it helped her think!

forbrain self practice headphones review learn

If this sounds like something you or your child could benefit from, you can buy Forbrain® directly through the website for $299 (USD)/279 (EUR). If you need to buy in HKD, then contact the company at [email protected]. Forbrain® is especially useful for young children trying to improve their reading, students preparing for an examination, adults while working on a presentation and individuals with Special Education Needs, with speech and language delays, etc. Forbrain® can also assist your homeschooling efforts.

Sassy Mama PerkSassy Mama readers who want to purchase these self-practice headphones can use the code SASSY30 to avail 30% off Forbrain®.

Forbrain®, [email protected],

Featured image and image 1 courtesy of Sound For Life via Forbrain®, image 2 and 3 by Sassy Media Group. Brought to you in partnership with Sound For Life.

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