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SpaRitual Nail Varnish at Sense of Touch

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Before I arrived in Hong Kong I was a real Essie devotee, but under the influence of Maura and Natalie have developed more of a brand loyalty to OPI. I haven’t really even thought about using any other brands until now as over the last couple of weeks it feels like I’ve been hearing more and more persuasive arguments for using more natural and less chemical-filled beauty and hair products. I’ve always thought that given the number of chemicals we probably inhale on a daily basis living in Hong Kong, making the effort to be selective about which chemicals we put on our bodies is a bit of a waste of time but starting to realize just how many products I interact with (and how often I decide to change my nail varnish) has made me reconsider. This is why I was interested to learn that Sense of Touch spas are now carrying the SpaRitual range at all their locations.

The SpaRitual range is billed as being “vegan” and their nail lacquers are free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene, which seems to make it a good choice for pregnant women who are often told to avoid using nail polish during their pregnancy. Interestingly though, after doing a little research, I discovered that OPI also has eliminated DBP and Toluene and their polishes have never contained Formaldehyde, which apparently upon a bit of further digging, is not even a common ingredient of nail polish (though may be contained in nail hardening products, so check the ingredients label). Essie sadly, have not made the same pledges, so if you are concerned about the effects of these chemicals, you should avoid this brand.

SpaRitual have a wide range of lovely colours, and from what we hear, go on well and are just as long-lasting as the other big two brands – looks like there’s a new competitor in town, and I’ll be interested in trying out this new name. It’s good to know though that my usual choice of OPI is just as good when it comes to being good for my body.

Find the info on the location of branches of Sense of Touch here.

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