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Ever Thought Of Getting Your Teeth Whitened? We Tried It, And Here’s The Result

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Smile Center got our teeth white and beautiful!

Before I went to Smile Center, I spent loads of cash on whitening strips and gels. I even opted  to for any toothpaste that promised to brighten my pearly whites in a matter of weeks. But I never knew what would be effective, and more importantly, what was safe to be using on a regular basis. When the experts at Lan Kwai Fong’s premium teeth whitening station, Smile Center offered to show us how simple, painless and effective its treatment was, I jumped at the chance!

Smile Center Rox before

How does it work?
The experts at Smile Center explain the process fully, making you feel at ease the moment you arrive. Its technician, Brenda, set me up in one of its super comfy chairs. This was my chance to get some R&R while doing work at the same time (bonus!). But I had a few questions. Could it hurt my enamel?

“Yes and no,” confirms Smile Center. “Peroxide can be harmful to gums and teeth, which is why the product must only be used by qualified dentists.” As an alternative, Smile Center offers a cosmetic procedure using only peroxide-free products, making the whole experience totally safe for clients. All of its products and LED lamps are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meet the EU and Swiss safety standards.

However, despite the products being safe, pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot have the treatment, as there is a lack of research on this subject.

Can my 13-year-old have it done?
“The treatment is meant for adults (age 18 and older), but we could do it for teenagers aged 16 and above if they have a parent’s consent,” they said.

Smile Center Rox treatment

It was time for me to get my moneymaker all dolled up. I kicked back and checked my phone. Dead. No worries – they offered me a charger so I could listen to my favourite podcasts while getting the treatment. Now that’s what I call service!

First Brenda applied a generous amount of Vaseline to my lips to avoid any drying or discomfort. She then put a mouth-widening contraption that didn’t bother me (so I couldn’t close my mouth by accident while my teeth were getting the treatment). She put a generous amount of teeth-whitening gel into what looked like a mouthguard and asked me to close down softly on it. She then gave me protective eyewear for the LED light, asked me to sit back, relax, and let the magic happen!

Because I opted for the biggest treatment, it was three rounds of 20-minute treatment. So I would sit with the gel in my mouth for 20 minutes while the LED light was focused on my mouth. At the end I would spit out the gel, rinse several times, and repeat the process two more times. By the end of the treatment, my teeth went from a scale of 26 degree of yellow to only 6! I can honestly say, I was thrilled with the result.

Smile Center after Rox

Will my teeth stay white forever?
“Sorry, but no!” Smile Center’s owner, Emilie says with a laugh. “Whitening treatments will whiten your teeth initially, but your DNA, oral hygiene and especially your eating habits will all play a part in the colour of your teeth. The results of our cosmetic treatment can last up to three months, however.”

It’s been a few weeks now, and my teeth feel fine and still look great. I didn’t experience any sensitivity and, after the waiting four hours, I ate and drank as usual (you are not allowed to have anything but water for four hours after the treatment). However,  for the next 24 hours , they ask you to stay away from any food and drink that will ruin the treatment, such as coffee and red wine (my two faves!), tea, fizzy drinks, citric acid and even carrots, green vegetables, beets, red sauces and chocolate. I was supplied with a full list of “dos and don’ts,” which they give to every client. They also showed me before and after photos of my mouth so I could see the difference. I was truly amazed!

Treatments can be done on a monthly basis, every quarter, twice a year or just once for a special event (photo shoot, birthday party, wedding, job interview, graduation, you name it), so why not try it out for yourself and see just what a whiter smile can do for your confidence?

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Smile Center, 17/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong,

All photos courtesy of Smile Center and Roxanne Dowell; brought to you in partnership with Smile Center.

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