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Interior Design for Kids: Allegra’s Whimsical Modern Chic Nursery

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Globetrotting to curate a unique, whimsical nursery

In this edition of Cribz, we chat with Margaret Davidge-Pitts, founder of TORQ, an indoor cycling and training studio franchise. A few months ago, she welcomed her sweet, little Allegra, and has invited us into her home to check out her daughter’s adorable crib. She shares about what inspired her in the creative process and how parents can also make their child’s room stylish and functional in Hong Kong.

allegra and margaret

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do
I am a fitness entrepreneur and the Founder of TORQ, Asia’s first boutique indoor cycling and functional training studio and franchise. At TORQ, we blend high-intensity cardio, functional training and mindfulness exercises in our three modes of training: TORQ-Cycle, TORQ-Switch and TORQ-Release, to help our customers achieve performance and results. We have also developed a devout community of riders across Hong Kong and soon around Asia. I am also an Asia-Pacific Marketer for a global $15 billion hedge fund.

allegra cribz

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How would you describe this room? Which style would best describe the room?Whimsical and modern chic. I want to encourage imagination and playfulness in Allegra’s upbringing so I selected products that evoked a sense of magic and fun like the flying pigs wall stickers and magnetic creatures on her woodland wallpaper. I also wanted each piece to be something she can use as she grows up that could even become a family heirloom. For example, her very talented Aunt Shelley, founder of Palette, handmade her side table with a special vintage feature leg.

allegra's books

Where did you get your inspiration from?
My favourite books when I was growing up were Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows and Peter Rabbit so I wanted to add magical woodland creatures to her room nursery décor. My husband is South African so I wanted to add pieces that represent Africa as well.

I started looking for décor ideas on Instagram and Google by searching keywords or hashtags. I saved so many images throughout my pregnancy! When I reached my third trimester, I went through all my images and filtered it down. Your inspiration, mood and ideas change a lot over the first 6 months, so it’s a good idea to keep an image of everything you like and then look through it closer to your due date to decide your final direction.

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allegra and margaret at crib

How will you get your kiddo involved with designing her room?
When she is older, I will definitely get her involved in decorating her room. I want her to be creative and to express her own personality. We can’t wait to travel the world with her so that she can collect her own decorative pieces.

details in allegra's room

What was the hardest part of decorating this room?
The hardest part of decorating Allegra’s room was picking the theme and making sure that everything you bought fits in well with the theme. It’s really hard not to shop and constantly buy stuff you love, especially for a baby girl. Everything is just too beautiful and cute!

allegra's tree at change table

What part of the room are you most proud of?
Her walls. On one side I have Sian Zeng’s fun and beautiful magnetic woodland wallpaper. On the other wall I have six framed pieces of Winnie the Pooh sketches with inspiring quotes on vintage Encyclopedia paper. Next to her changing table, I have Sian Zeng’s fabric stickers of flying pigs and a Croatian tree. When Allegra was a newborn and could only see black and white, she loved lying on her changing table and looking at her tree. It would calm her down when she was uncomfortable. She would lie there mesmerised. It was just so sweet to watch!

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Is there anything in the room you would like to change?
Nope! I love every piece that I have found for Allegra’s nursery.

allegra and margaret

What are your favourite design or furniture stores in Hong Kong? Any online options that you love?
My husband and I love to travel so we have collected most of our furniture from all over the world. I also had a few pieces of bespoke furniture designed and made by my sister-in-law. The rest of her furniture or decorative pieces I found on Instagram or online, for example, Babyletto, Sian Zeng, Ouef, Bambizi, and Petit Tresor. Sian Zeng creates the most amazing interactive wallpaper and wall art. It has really made Allegra’s nursery very unique.

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allegra's bunny

What advice would you give to parents who want to redecorate their kid’s rooms?
I believe that the nursery shouldn’t just be about the baby, but that it should also be about you, the parents. There is no rush in getting everything ready before they are born. Part of the fun is what you find and collect over time with your baby, especially items that you will both cherish and bring fond memories.

Thanks to the talented Jenna Louise Potter from Lucky Fish Photography for all of the beautiful images above! Follow her on Facebook at

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