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Boss Babe and Mama to Twins: Li-Ann Scott, Founder of Sack Me! Bedding

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Aussie designer and mama to twin boys,
Li-Ann Scott chats with Sassy Mama about her
bedding line, Sack Me!

Recreating our Pinterest dreams for our kiddos room can be ambitious if we’re not ready to shell out the dolla dolla bills for furniture. An easy way to update a room (in our opinion!) is through the textiles. We are currently loving everything from the Australian brand, Sack Me!, which exudes playfulness and style. Plus, Sack Me!’s founder and designer, Li-Ann Scott, is a total #bossbabe and a mama to identical twin boys! I had the chance to meet Li-Ann we few weeks ago to pick her creative brain on how to style your kiddo’s bedroom and learn more about her gorgeous products.

li ann scott

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into design.
Upon graduating from the University of Sydney with an Architecture degree, I worked at various commercial practices. Soon after the arrival of my twin boys in 2010, I wasn’t able to return to full time practice. The need for a creative outlet gave rise to a graphic design business that grew along with the boys.

The idea for Sack Me! came when I failed to find bedding for my boys which had a mix of fun, classic and quirky, that wasn’t either gender specific (rockets, trains, cars for boys) or just patterns – as beautiful as they are, I felt it lacked a sense of adventure for kids. I saw an opportunity to create a unisex range that was truly unique and went for it!

sack me sundae

What inspires your playful and whimsical designs?
I find inspiration in the most abstract forms. From travel to fashion, the arts but most importantly from my children and our day to day adventures (including trips to the supermarket)Seeing the world through their eyes has been a humbling experience. I often discover new ways of looking at everyday objects.

Each design stems from a personal experience like the time I got tired of negotiating with my kids about how often they are allowed to have ice cream. To solve this conundrum, I created a fun ice cream sundae range so they can have “ice cream” every single night (except the nights it’s in the wash!).

I also have a sketchbook full of doodles, tear sheets, and random goodness. There’s usually a gut feeling for a theme or a story thrown into the mix. I often listen to the gut and feed it because it’s me… it’s raw, honest, and unique. I try to ensure that I always stay relevant to my target audience (the kids). I’m certainly not governed by trends… I love to zig when everyone zags!

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sack me pool

Have your twins given you any ideas for your designs?
Those two keep me very busy and grounded, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be honest, like most 7-year-olds, my kids are still very much into “commercial characters” and things I do not find very attractive or stylish. I use that knowledge to fuel my design ideas, taking inspiration from what stereotype commercial designs do well and applying similar principles (where relevant!) to my designs – for instance, big googly eyes or bright punchy colours and round soft shapes. I definitely seek my children’s endorsement before each design goes to production. After all, they are my exacting critics!

What tips would you give parents in Hong Kong who love having a fun and stylish bedroom for their children but have limited space to style the rooms?
I would definitely suggest layering. Our designs especially encourage that. We design prints to match back with previous patterns and colours so parents and kids alike can feel confident layering their bedding. Whilst we love colour, sticking to a palette of no more than five colours in a small space and creating accents within those colours will help make the room feel bigger.

mom and child in bed for sack me

Always have a focus piece and complimenting little pieces to bring the space together. Try to keep clutter away with clever storage solutions either under the bed or by using some of our stylish storage solutions (the swag sack is perfect for keeping toys, laundry, and bric-a-brac) .

Kids love having their own nook in the room where they can have a bit of personal space. Throw in a mini beanbag with a couple of cushions and create the perfect setting for a little reading corner or a spot for them to relax.

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Any upcoming special projects we can keep an eye out for? Will you be making other products besides bedding?
Yes and, yes! We’re in the process of an exciting rebrand of our logo and website, and we are in the final stages of sampling our baby comforters, muslin wraps, fun ottomans as well as soft furnishing and soft toys. We cannot wait to share!

All images provided by Sack Me!

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