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Eco-Friendly Premium T-Shirts: Supporting Children with Special Needs

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Eco-friendly, luxurious kids’ T-shirts from Wigo Wear

We’re always on the hunt for classic, cool and comfortable everyday T-shirts for our little ones, and Wigo Wear never disappoints. The brand combines top quality fabrics and simple designs, whilst donating 10% of proceeds to charities that support children with special needs. We love the story behind the shirt (almost) as much as the adorable, durable products themselves…

Eco-Friendly T-Shirts from Wigo Wear

The brand began when a fellow mama, Candice Mak, discovered how hard it was to find plain, quality shirts for her own little ones in Hong Kong. She had come across these uniquely soft and light shirts in the USA and found they were difficult to source here. So, she turned her plans into actions and decided to make her own. Simple (or so she made it seem)! Candice is also very passionate about making sure her brand is a platform to donate proceeds to charities supporting children with special needs in HK. The hope is to eventually see Wigo Wear grow into a hub for SEN resources. With one of her own sons on the autism spectrum, her desire to give back was very personal and proactive.

Eco-Friendly Premium T-Shirts: Supporting Children with Disabilities - wigo wear hk

One thing led to another and Wigo Wear was born! It offers affordable, colourful and plain kids’ tees in cutting edge materials. Each item is easy to wear and feels great on sensitive skin (along with a range of beneficial fabric characteristics). The brand was built from scratch. Every detail was sourced individually, from the textiles to the packaging, and given the love and attention it deserved. Candice started the brand as a full-time mum, taking care of and supporting her son. She has now returned back to full-time work, taking Wigo Wear to new heights.

This new style of children’s t-shirts is refreshingly simple, with bright colours and soft, stretchy, sustainable fabrics offering a truly luxurious feel. In HK’s humid weather, it’s necessary to have shirts that are light, absorbing and cooling. There are 13 different colours, and the sizes range from 12 months to 4 years. The brand is by no means mass-market or fast fashion. It strives to be as affordable as possible ($108), so more parents can have access to this as a staple in all kids’ wardrobes.

Wigo Wear -Eco-Friendly Premium T-Shirts: Supporting Children with Disabilities

The tees are made from two different materials: Tencel Modal (Dewdrop line) and Bamboo Viscose (Rainbow line). Equally sustainable, silky and soft – both fabrics have properties that make them perfectly suited for babies, children and those with sensitive skin. Think: antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, temperature-regulating, quick-dry, smooth and stretchy!

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Brought to you in partnership with Wigo Wear

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