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Stylish, Fun Hair Ties That Won’t Damage Your Hair? Bring on Maddyloo!

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Maddyloo offers adorable, comfortable hair ties that won’t leave that bothersome dent in your hair!

For most girls (and guys) with long hair, a hair tie is an outfit essential. You never know when you’ll want to pull your hair back into a sporty ponytail or wrap it up and pile it on top of your head in a messy, but stylish bun. If it’s not found in the hair, it’s there, clinging tightly around the wrist, ready for duty. But, anyone who regularly pulls their hair back knows that not all hair ties are the same. Some don’t have the necessary give and break after a few uses, some lack the width to properly hold the weight of your hair, and some leave obvious and unfavorable creases and dents in your hair once you decide to wear your hair down again. And for mums of little, long-tressed girls, a comfortable hair tie or headband that doesn’t pinch and irritate those little tender-scalped cuties’ hair can be truly heaven-sent. Maddyloo hair ties were created with all these needs in mind.

Maddyloo is a family-owned business that was created from a kitchen table in Beverly Hills, California. It was born out of a family’s real need for a comfortable hair tie that didn’t crease or kink the hair when taken out. Maddyloo are handmade, creaseless, fray-free hair ties, bracelets and headbands that are designed to be gentle on your hair, all while looking super stylish. No more weird post-pony tail bump in your hair, no more broken off flyaways, no more tears and “ouch”es from your little ladies. Can it be that your hair tie prayers have been answered? OH YEAH, MAMAS! In fact, you can almost hear the hair tie choir harmonizing in a triumphant “MADDYLOO”!

Maddyloo are not just your ordinary hair tie. They go way beyond the boring black or brown uniform tie that not only damages and breaks off your hair but immediately disappears into your hair, blending in, with no personality of its own. Maddyloo allows you to immediately glam up your look with rhinestones or jewel flowers, get edgy with bold colors and cool prints or go simple and sophisticated with a more blended, subtle choice. Maddyloo are even stylish enough to double as eye-catching bracelets! Maddyloo has exactly what you need, for mamas and little mamas, alike. The hair ties come in a variety of fun colors and styles to match every age, mood, and personality, from sporty to classy to well, wouldn’t you know it– SASSY!

And best of all, Maddyloo hair ties and bands are made with real love, care and attention ensuring quality in every tie and band, yet offered at a reasonable price.

140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Peark-blue (1)There’s no better time than now to stock up on your Maddyloo, because for a limited time, Sassy Mama Readers will get 35% off their Maddyloo order just by entering Sassy35 at checkout.

So what’s not to love, mamas? A cute range of hair ties, bracelets and headbands that both you and your baby girl (or boy) can wear without any pinching or denting or breaking apart that you can purchase at an affordable price, and that has been voted best fashion accessory brand by Best of Beverly Hills? Let’s all give a healthy, happy, stylish hair salute. We don’t need to look any farther. We are all about those marvelous Maddyloo goodies!


Brought to you in partnership with Maddyloo.

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