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Healthy Getaway: The Farm at San Benito

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So yes, I usually write about food and nutrition, but this time I’m mixing things up a bit with a look at a fabulous weekend getaway that Hubby and I recently took. Eager for a “wellness” or “Zen trip” (i.e. NO KIDS!), we headed to The Farm in the Philippines.  Offering massages, vegan and raw food, sun, yoga and lots of relaxation, it was just what we were looking for.

Indeed, it turned out to be more than what we had hoped for – the place is literally paradise. The sun shone on us nonstop and we were able to fill up our vitamin D stores that are so low due to the indoor lifestyle so many of us lead in Hong Kong. Vitamin D is incredibly important in boosting your immune system – and all you need is 15 minutes a day (from noon till 3pm) to get back on track.

It’s impossible not to relax here – and funnily enough, without the kids around we could actually hear birds sing, crickets chirp and the forest hum at all times of the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I missed our two little monsters dearly, of course, but it is good for everyone if every once in a while you take some time out just for you and your partner.

So what did we do for these three magical days? We took walks around the huge property (which is a jungle and coconut plantation), indulged in a facial made from fresh ingredients that are grown on the farm itself, relaxed by the pool, learned to make coconut oil and soap, and practiced the art of flower decoration (which requires lots of patience I found out!).  And then there were the massages, one of which was in the evening and I can tell you that that night I had perhaps the most relaxed sleep I have had in years.  With all this relaxing on the docket, we didn’t have time to fit in some of the other great activities The Farm offers like meditation, yoga, and exercise classes.  There are only so many hours in a day!

Turning to the food, The Farm have their own vegetable garden and they make all their own food, teas, soaps and oils from locally grown produce. The food was amazing, mostly raw and all vegan. Now you may be thinking, “hmm, vegan??“, but not to fear!  This is vegan Michelin-style and it is brilliant.

We were licking our fingers after every meal. Here’s a peek at a typical day:

Breakfast: Fruit and raw granola with freshly made coconut and nut milk with cinnamon, followed by pancakes or french toast (vegan, of course) with raw honey.

Lunch & Dinner: All were 5 courses with an appetizer, fresh organic salad (from their own vegetable garden), soup (mushroom, beetroot…), a main course (for example curry, dahl, stuffed vegetables, noodles), and a delish raw dessert.

Throughout the weekend we drank juices from all sorts and types (mainly green) and smoothies by the pool. One of my favourites was a chocolate-mint smoothie which was so good I’m still making it at home.  Here’s how you can whip it up:

1 tbsp of raw caco powder or nibs
Bunch of mint leaves
Nut Milk (coconut, almond, hazelnut, or brazil nut)
Pinch of mineral salt
Pinch of cinnamon
1/4 tsp of vanilla bean paste
Blend all together and enjoy!

Lots of relaxed, clean, Zen love from me!

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