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Treat Yourself to an Indulgent Italian Affair with Dalla Valle

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Parenting life is busy. From getting the kids off to school to getting yourself to work, to after-school activities, and after-work homework seshes with the lovely little rugrats…it’s always a mad dash to squeeze everything in. After all that running and schedule keeping and well, parenting, you’d love to kick back and relax. With a beautiful bottle of wine. And some amazingly delicious cheeses. And some gorgeous parma ham or salami. Blissful sounding, right? Well, let’s sweeten the fantasy further by adding that you never had to go out and search for all that scrumptious Italian dream food and wine because it was handpicked by experts in Italian gourmet food and shipped RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! Too good to be true? Well, lucky for you, it’s all true. This can all be a real life fantasy with the help of Dalla Valle.

Dalla Valle is a direct importer of the highest quality Italian food and wine. They offer artisanal hams, salami, cheeses and wine that can be ordered through their online portal and delivered right to their customers’ doorstep. They bring the finest quality, freshest Italian food right to your home. And by doing so, they are making your life easier, more enjoyable, saving you time, giving you access to a fine culinary experience that’s easy, breezy and amazing!


The Dalla Valle family knows what they are doing. They have been in the Italian Gourmet business bringing customers quality products with the highest level of service for more than 50 years. Lucky for all of us in Hongkers, they have made all of their mouth watering products available to us, opening up their concept to Hong Kong earlier this year.

Dalla Valle is passionate about their food and wine, and it shows in the way they hand pick their products, straight from the producers. They choose only the best, most outstanding food and wine from award-winning producers. They use San Daniele ham from the company voted “Best San Daniele Ham” producer in 2014. Gambero Rosso has awarded their red wine producers the “Tre Biccheri Award” several years in a row. And their parmesan cheeses consistently receive glorious feedback from customers.

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And as if all of this could get any more enticing, now through 31 December 2015, Dalla Valle is offering Sassy Mama readers a 10% discount on the first two orders placed online. To redeem this offer, simply enter discount code: DALLAVALLE at checkout.

So go ahead, mamas, indulge yourselves. A perfect night of Italian food and wine heaven is just an online order away.

Brought to you in partnership with Dalla Valle

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