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5 Great Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall

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Gulp down your pumpkin-spice lattes and then try one of these delicious pumpkin recipes because we just can’t seem to get enough of this fall food mascot this time of year!

There’s nothing more exciting than ogling those orange, odd-looking balls of fun that pop up on supermarket shelves at this time of year. Being a Brit, they have never quite symbolised as much to me as they do to others (food wise), but after living in New York and Hong Kong, and thanks to my Yankee friends, I have a lot more respect for pumpkins and certainly don’t just throw away the contents after the carving is done.  Thanksgiving has brought a whole new meaning to what can be done with a pumpkin to me, and what better way to celebrate us tip-toeing into a new season full of falling leaves and knitted sweaters than embracing this beast of a fruit (yes, a fruit, that’s not a typo…) and celebrating the yummy food we can create from it.


Gluten-free Pumpkin Waffle Recipe (by What Kitty Made).

Hong Kong’s sugar-free artisan bakery has treated us to this mouth-watering waffle recipe.  This is the ultimate health-conscious breakfast, but it isn’t just for your free spirited yogis – it is also a great weekend breakfast to enjoy as a family, or a fantastic dessert option for your kiddies.  Perfect served with plain yoghurt and homemade raspberry and chia jam (as suggested by Kitty) and a generous drizzle of maple syrup.  You’d be mad not to start the day with these (almost) guilt-free bad boys.

Find the recipe here:


Holiday Stuffed Pumpkin (by Green Kitchen Stories).

I absolutely love this blog.  Their luscious photography makes me want to try all their recipes, but their stuffed pumpkin recipe in particular is just too quaint for words. I am all about visual impact, and this vegetarian treat will not go unnoticed at the dinner table. Whether you’re looking for a simple supper recipe or a show-stopping starter, this dish will be the answer to all your pumpkin prayers.

Find the recipe here:


Pumpkin Seed & Honey Bread (by Lovingly Made).  

What better way to make use of those beautiful left-over seeds, which often get overlooked, than by adding them to the (bread) mix? I love this bread recipe as it is so simple and makes fantastic use of this healthy little super food. It’s also a fantastic side supplement to a comforting pumpkin soup.

Find the recipe here:


Pumpkin Ricotta Penne (by Mango Menus).

This is a super simple (and healthy) midweek dinner that will leave the kids (and adults) wanting more.  Pumpkin is proving to be incredibly versatile and a food that (space permitting!) we should all stock up on.  I definitely agreed with the cayenne suggestion, which added another layer of complexity to the dish (but I also like things a bit more fiery, and cayenne happens to rank as one of my favourite spices…).

Find the recipe here:


Spiced Pumpkin Pie (by Chelsea Winter).

We couldn’t complete this top 5 without including the ubiquitous pumpkin pie.  Now this recipe is probably debatable by some (if not anything else because it’s from the “wrong” side of the world), since I’m sure many of you wonderful readers believe your grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe is the best!  Bear with me, however, and try this divine twist on the traditional, which uses real pumpkins (as apposed to pumpkin puree, which is often made from other varieties of winter squash than those orange oddities that are currently gracing a supermarket shelf near you).  The flavour you get from this cozy seasonal fruit is delectable.

Find the recipe here:


Get your cooking aprons at the ready, and storm into your kitchen with the pumpkins at the ready to make the most of this scrumptious fruit that truly symbolises this time of year.

Lead image sourced via Shutterstock. All other images credited to respective websites.

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