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#SoSassy: BBC Interview Interruption, Sex After Kids, The Babysitter and more

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What’s gone viral and trending this week

Every week we’re rounding up our favourite viral videos and trending articles that have us asking, “Have you seen this?!” to everyone we come across with. Take a look at our favourite picks this week – they’ve had us on the floor laughing, nodding our heads in agreement, or given us food for thought.

BBC Interview Interrupted By Adorable Kids

We’re sure you’ve already seen this clip a million times over (we have at Sassy HQ!), but if you haven’t – check out how this papa keeps his cool while his kiddos steal the limelight during a live interview with BBC. Working from home definitely has its “unique” challenges!

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Sex After Kids with Cat & Nat #MOMTRUTHS

Mum sex? ’nuff said. The struggle is totally real! We love how these two superstar YouTube mamas hilariously dishe about the reality of what sex looks like after kids. Hands up if you’d rather sleep after a long day of work or watching the kids instead of having sex?!

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The Babysitter: A Parody on The Bachelor

It’s no secret that a few of us at Sassy HQ are suckers for trashy reality TV, especially when it comes to The Bachelor. Who doesn’t love curling up on the sofa after a long day with a large glass of vino watching the drama unfold during the rose ceremony? We’re loving this funny parody, “The Babysitter,” which reminds many of us who’ve ever been in a position where we’ve had to look for a nanny!

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Hayden Panettiere’s Daughter’s Potty Training Accident on the Plane

Look, we’ve all been there. Potty training is a pain in the behind. We’ve pretty much set aside several weeks where we just expect accidents (#1’s and #2’s) at any given time or place. After all, toddler’s who’ve gotta go don’t discriminate where they wanna “go!” We love how actress Hayden Panettiere candidly shares how she ended up on all fours moppin’ up her kiddo’s potty accident while flying recently.

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hong kong policeman

Local Hero: Hong Kong Policeman Saves Man By Speaking in Urdu

We love a good hero story and we’re ecstatic to hear how a piece of good news from our home has made it around the world. Twenty-year-old Hong Kong policeman, Officer Ifzal Zaffar, was called to a scene of an attempted suicide by the Western Harbour Tunnel. The man had climbed up a tall crane, and Officer Zaffar climbed up afterwards. He communicated in their shared language of Urdu and persuaded the man to come down. We applaud you, Officer Zaffar!

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There you have it, mamas… our #sosassy picks of the week!

Featured image source via Whats Up Moms, image #5 from Hong Kong Police Facebook 

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