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WeCut: Personalised Hair and Beauty Services at Home

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Get your hair cut by top stylists at home

Although my hair may look pin straight and always usually in order, it surprises many (including all the girls at Sassy HQ) that it takes effort and time to get it presentable each morning. So when it comes to getting my hair dyed and cut, I’m pretty particular with who I go see. A few weeks back, I had come to a point where I needed a trim and my roots (aka my Cruella de Vil white striped patch) covered, but my schedule was beyond packed.

Thankfully, I was introduced to WeCut, an on-demand, app beauty provider for those of us who juggle a million and one things but still like a pamper here and there. Created by the reputable and experienced industry leader, Vic Kwan who has been styling for over 20 years with Il Colpo Group, WeCut provides at home hair and beauty services (hair cuts, blow outs, hair dyes, up dos, makeup, nails and even eyelash extensions!) at an affordable cost with a simple tap on your phone app.

After downloading the app onto my phone, I was able to make my booking quite easily by selecting my service, indicating the current length of my hair and what colour I wanted for dyeing. I was able to choose the type of stylist I wanted based on experience and pricing. What’s great about this set up is that you can also see how your stylist has been rated by previous clients… talk about accountability! With a team of professional hairstylists, makeup artists, manucurists and beauticians across Hong Kong, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing by the most qualified and experienced stylists come to your home.

at home styling by wecut

I was fortunate to have Oscar Ngan, an art hairstylist from Il Colpo come to my house for my cut and colour. When he arrived, he shared the specific QR code with me that matched the one I had received to confirm that he indeed was the right person! If for any reason your stylist is late by more than 3o minutes, you receive a 40% discount to your service.

Prior to his arrival, I didn’t have to prepare much other than a a chair near a mirror with a power outlet. Oscar came prepared with towels, a branded WeCut robe, hair dye, his tools, hair dryer and even a large mat to cover the floor. I was able to continue working on my laptop, feed my daughter lunch and get my roots coloured all at once… pure bliss, at least for me (#efficiency for the win)!

hair cut by wecut

The only slight qualm I have with this service done at home is that you have to wash your own hair #sadface. But the convenience of having it all done at home makes up for it as I was able to next get my hair cut whilst continuing to tap away at my laptop and say goodbye to my toddler as he left for school.

Oscar did a wonderful job with my thick mop and knew exactly what I wanted. I had explained over the app what I had envisioned, but it was helpful to discuss with him prior to the cut the look I anticipated. He also mentioned that if I had any hot tools I wanted to use, he could use them as well. But have no fret mamas, if you don’t own any curling or straightening irons, make a mention in your booking and your stylist will bring their own.

Before I knew it, the cut was complete and it was onto styling. I had a simple blow out and was amazed at how uniform, sleek and healthy my new ‘do looked! I was pretty much good to go onto my next meeting after a quick outfit change. I was thankful to have had time to get work done, be at home with my kids and feel pampered all at the same time which was a combination I never thought possible.

Sassy Mama PerkDownload the app now and receive 15% off your first booking simply by mentioning WeCutMama. Just in time for all the holiday parites, mama!

final look by wecut

I would highly recommend the WeCut services if you’re tight on time or simply want to stay in the comfort of your own home while getting a cut, makeup or even host a nail and lash party. In fact, our co-founder Maura, used their up-do services a few days later after hearing me gush about my experience. Time to treat yourself, mamas!


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