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We’re so proud of Hong Kong

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Protests, demonstrations, riots, and anarchy… these words are quite often thrown into the mix together with images of looters and violent scuffles being at the forefront. However, this has not been the case in Hong Kong.  The sun has risen on yet another day of the Occupy Central movement and although numbers have since dwindled, the people of Hong Kong have most certainly captured hearts and minds around the world and the rallying cry for greater democracy has never sounded louder than over the last few days. While there certainly have been mixed emotions and opinions about the Occupy Central movement, one thing that can be said for sure is that we’ve never been prouder of this amazing city we call home.

The Occupy crowds surrounding Admiralty, Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok swelled to tens of thousands last night as citizens from all walks of life joined in the peaceful demonstration. After the chaotic scenes on Sunday night, people were concerned about further use of tear gas or pepper spray however, thankfully, there were no such scenes last night. Lighting up the streets with their phones in the air, joined together in the fight for the cause, it was impossible not to feel a surge of respect for the attitude, unity and integrity of those involved.

And what are the people fighting for? Universal Suffrage and greater democracy – a free choice of candidates from which to vote in their next chief executive in the 2017 elections. While it is still unclear what the final outcome of these demonstrations will be, Hong Kong’s citizens can be so proud of the way people have come together in such a calm, peaceful and cultured way. From the tirelessly supportive paramedic staff and hard-working individual police officers to the amazing support of the general public, Hong Kong is making its voice heard and we’re all listening.

But this movement is about the people and we want to hear from you! We would like to share your photos, videos and artwork about the demonstrations through our social media channels and give our wonderful readers a platform to share their thoughts and stories. Simply hashtag #sassysupports on Facebook or Instagram and we can help spread it for you.

So, stay strong, stay calm and most importantly, stay safe Hong Kong – united we stand.

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