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Yoga Vibes – An Online Source for Yoga Classes

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I recently took part in a filming of a class for Yoga Vibes, which is an online site which provides users with access to tons of yoga classes and instructional videos from teachers all around the world. My particular class was led by Tingting Peng, founder of Iron Lotus Fitness, and as soon as I heard the concept behind the site I was all about it and I jumped at the chance to take part of the practice/filming.

I have tried numerous workout DVDs in the past and I could never really get into them because they all seemed so staged and I often got bored doing the very same routine over and over again. The thing I love about Yoga Vibes is that the classes are real, the students are real and what you see is what actually happened in class. There is no starting over because someone fell, there isn’t a million takes because someone wasn’t doing the correct alignment and if you want a sip of water in between a sequence you are more then welcome to do so because that is what occurs in a typical yoga class in studios all around the world.

What I really love is the access to variety. Instead of purchasing a yoga video to do at home over and over again you have access to different classes from all types of teachers (I even stumbled upon a teacher from one of the studios I have practiced at back home in Philadelphia). You can also easily filter on a specific level of difficulty, style of practice, class length and location.

You can purchase the videos on a per class basis or you can buy a monthly pass which provides you unlimited access to all the videos on the site. They also have a number of short vignettes for free which help you with the correct way to do different poses. I personally think the pricing is very reasonable and I will definitely be using it on the days I can’t get to an actual class or even when I am traveling and still want to get my regular yoga fix.

Here is what the pricing looks like…
$10US per class (this gives you unlimited access to that class for 14 days)
$20US per month (this gives you unlimited access to 5 class for 30 days)
$25US per month (this gives you an unlimited pass to all full length, online yoga classes and streaming DVDs for 30 days)

Here is the link to access Tingting’s page on Yoga Vibes.

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