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Tiny Bites: Italian Nibbles at Papi


The latest culinary trend of “small-plate” dining is taking over the tables of Hong Kong, and Papi is a great option in the mix! The concept of Papi’s bite-sized items stems from the traditional way of eating across Italy - families taking time … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Roundup of Top Caterers in Hong Kong


The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it's time to get your party planners out, mamas! Before you start stressing about what to cook, how much to cook and how to cover everybody's dietary needs, why don't you give yourself a break … [Read more...]

Date Night: Penthouse by Harlan Goldstein


If you've seen a crazy line snaking around the corner at Soundwill Plaza II Midtown in Causeway Bay, you've stumbled upon one of Hong Kong's newest dining destinations due to the recent arrival of the highly publicised Jamie's Italian. Well, we … [Read more...]

Celebrate Diwali Festival with this Delicious Dhal Tadka Recipe!


Happy Diwali, mamas! Today we're celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights, and to go with it, we bring you a tasty homemade recipe to load up your dinner table. Don't worry about scaring off the little ones - this recipe is low on spice and a great … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Homegrown Foods now delivers dairy, eggs, meat and fruit!


It’s so important to make sure you and your littlies are eating right, and in Hong Kong that means knowing exactly where your food is coming from. Let anxiety become a thing of the past, mama, and give organic home delivery service Homegrown Foods … [Read more...]

Tiny Bites: Brunching it with the family at Galley Café & Dining


I used to eat brunch in fancy restaurants all the time before I had a little monkey called Brady. I’m not showing off – truly – I’m actually complaining (I do that a lot, ha). Because, as much as it was carnage to both my bank balance and my … [Read more...]

Food News Flash: October


Foodie friends, listen up! There's a host of new restaurant openings and special menu promotions happening in October, so get to work chomping away at this month's Food News Flash! Hong Kong is bringing global cuisine to your doorstep, from spicy … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Healthy noodle options for the family at Nam Kee H!


Mamas, you may all be familiar with 30-year-old Hong Kong restaurant chain Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle, but have you heard of its more modern sister restaurant, Nam Kee H? If you’ve been looking for a nutritious and delicious noodle joint without … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Guide to Family-Friendly Vegetarian (and Vegan!) Restaurants

DCG; vegetarian

Now mamas, we know how difficult it is to be a vegetarian in the 852 unless somebody in the family’s cooking! Luckily, we’ve found the best family-friendly restaurants in Hong Kong that not only have a great (or even exclusive) range of … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Honestly!)


If you've got a special occasion on the horizon or you simply want to occupy the kids with an indoor activity - get into the kitchen and have a go at this super easy but utterly delicious chocolate cake. We guarantee you won't have tasted better … [Read more...]

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