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Wholesome Rawnola Bars – and Why Breakfast is King for The Whole Fam!


If I start my day by skipping breakfast or, worse, eating something rubbish like sugary cereal (which is never, unless I am in a desperate situation), then my entire day can be compromised with more unhealthy food choices, mood swings, sugar dips … [Read more...]

September Giveaway: Win a Blueair Sense Air-Purification System valued at $5,680!


We simply adore everything that Hong Kong has to offer; the skyline, the scenery, the food and the heritage… but if there was one thing we could improve, it would without a doubt be the air quality! While we can’t exactly reduce the levels of … [Read more...]

Sun-kissed skin without the UV at Forever Tanned Hong Kong!


If you're like me and love the idea of sporting a golden tan all year round, you'll understand the predicament I'm in when it comes to locating a decent tanning cream here in the ‘Kong. Actually, forget about decent, any tanning cream will do! … [Read more...]

Super Styler: Introducing our new interior design columnist, Eve Mercier of INSIGHT School of Design!


Are you looking to decorate a new nursery? Can't figure out how to mix and match colours, or seeking that accent piece to make your living room pop? Founder of INSIGHT School of Interior Design (and Sassy Mama's new resident interior design expert!) … [Read more...]

Surviving without a Nursery in Hong Kong


When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, we couldn't have been more thrilled, but once I got over the seemingly never-ending hurdle of the first trimester, my nesting instinct kicked in (big time). As an interior … [Read more...]

A little lift with Ultherapy from Sense of Touch Medi-Spa!


When I hear the word facial, it's fair to say that inside I do a little 'happy dance!'. As a self-confessed beauty-o’holic, I've been having facials on a regular basis since I was 27 (to be precise) and whilst I'm not one to shout my age from the … [Read more...]

A Mama’s Guide to Starting a New Business in Hong Kong

140815-SMHK-DCG-StartingANewBusiness_v1 (1)

There's no doubt that Hong Kong is one of the best places to start a company. Its unique position, open attitude of the people to new ideas and willingness of the government to promote HK-based ventures are incredibly encouraging. Starting a business … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama Supports: Hong Kong Dog Rescue – find some puppy love!


Hong Kong can be hectic at the best of times. Long working hours, action packed social calendars, quick weekend getaways and fitness classes galore are pretty much the norm for most city dwellers here. What we lack in space we make up for in energy, … [Read more...]

First Aid Essentials for Families: Download, Print and Keep Our Must-Have Checklist!


Here at Sassy Mama we totally understand that sometimes kids have accidents! Unfortunately, it's not only littlies that get bumps and bruises --  sometimes even we can be a bit clumsy too! With a bit of organisation however you can prepare your … [Read more...]

Mamapreneur: We hit the stage with Katie from Spotlight Studio!


While schooling and academics are undoubtedly important, Spotlight Studio Director Katie Abraham knows it's just as essential to foster physical expression and creativity in young kids. A long-time dance enthusiast and entertainer, Katie decided to … [Read more...]

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