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Spread the Cheer: A meaningful Christmas with Box of Hope


Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up again, mamas! While we know that your minds might jump to the mile-long wish lists your littles have meticulously created (we only wish they’d pay as much attention to their homework!), why not share the … [Read more...]

Ask the Doctor: What you should know about facial fillers from Dr. Winnie Mui


I've had many patients come up to me over the years and ask what the difference is between dermal fillers and botox, which are often confused for one another. Before you decide to have any medical cosmetic treatments done, it's critically important … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Halloween Costume Competition!


Happy Halloween, mamas! Well, maybe not quite yet, but this pumpkin-powered holiday is fast approaching and we’re getting things started a little early here at Sassy Mama HQ with our first ever Instagram costume competition! We want to see your … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Top 25 Apps for Busy Mamas!


Hong Kong is not a city for the faint-hearted and most of us are well acquainted with the "work hard, work hard" mantra. And when you’ve got a whole brood to keep track of, things can get a little chaotic. Fortunately for busy Hong Kong parents, … [Read more...]

That Mama: Marielle Byworth of MARIJOLI Jewellery

141006-SMHK-DCG-That Mama-v1

This month's That Mama is jewellery designer (and super-stylish mama!) Marielle Byworth, founder of MARIJOLI. With a brand new studio space in PMQ, exciting design developments in the works and two active kids to chase after at home, Marielle has … [Read more...]

From Bump to Beyond: Nursing Wear from Keungzai

keungzai-DCG (1)22

‘Nursing’ and ‘chic’ are two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence. Style during and post pregnancy can be difficult (some would say impossible) to achieve but thankfully there are cool brands like Keungzai, the … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Stay Fit and Fabulous with Inner Strength Barre & Pilates Classes!

20140929-SMHK-DCG-Inner-Strength-Ver3 (1)

So you’ve just had a baby and with all the things you need to focus on finding a post-pregnancy workout may have ended up pretty low on your to-do list. Are we right here, mamas? Well don’t fret, mamas, because Inner Strength is here to make sure … [Read more...]

What Sassy Mama Wants: October


As the summer heat fades away and a little breeze adds a spring to our step we can't help but dream about some goodies for What Sassy Mama Wants this month. From new beauty products for you and your little one to the coolest backpack on the block, … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama contributor Nicole says goodbye to Hong Kong…


I've been living in this intoxicating and let's face it, breathtaking 'city that never sleeps' for four years and one month now (but who's counting)! Hong Kong pretty much had me at hello, but as with any foreign city, being a 'newbie' comes with a … [Read more...]

Maternity Lingerie: Bringing Sexy Back to Breastfeeding


Once you’ve gotten through those hectic newborn days where you spend more time with your boobs out than in, and couldn’t give a fig what you look like, you might start casting around for a way to make breastfeeding a little more… stylish! The … [Read more...]

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