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10 Fun and Easy Halloween Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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Try making one or all of these scarily delicious treats this Halloween!

Hong Kong not only loves any kind of festivity, but they also love the food that comes with it. So, as Halloween is nearly here, our minds are on Halloween-inspired eats. And at Sassy Mama, we’re feeling inspired to whip up some Halloween dishes. So here is a list of both savory and sweet recipes that are perfect for the season!



Spooky Ghost Pizza

And you never thought pizza could ever look scary…Your kids will love making this ghastly pizza and then gobbling it up faster than you can say “boo!” Mozzarella ghosts and olive spiders will have both you and your kids drooling like a ghoul.


Brainy Dumplings

Dumplings are always fun to make with the kids, but if you’re short on time, the super market has tons of dumplings to choose from. So as long as you got the creepy, blood-colored sauce ready, you’re good to go!


Great White Pumpkin Cheeseball 

A cheeseball made out of three cheeses that’s shaped like a pumpkin? It serves as a fun party appetiser or centerpiece. Oh, and it’s also delicious. Trick or cheese? Cheese. Always cheese.


Spider-Web Eggs

Eggs for breakfast anyone? This is an easy, yet funky dish to make (healthy too). With a simple dyeing technique, you turn an ordinary egg into a beautiful web masterpiece.


Halloween Pasta: Pumpkin & Squid ink Pasta

Get some of your very own Halloween-coloured, handmade pasta from Il Mattarello. Il Mattearello uses high quality flour and eggs directly shipped from Italy, locally sourced organic veggies, does not use MSG or preservatives and hand makes everything fresh in Hong Kong right before delivery! For the Halloween season, Il Mattarello has specially created a perfect combination, squid ink pasta and pumpkin filling! (Get your order online at the their website)



Graveyard Brownie

This recipe looks really creative and cute, and it’s easy to make, too! It’s really just a brownie with a Milano biscuit cleverly dug in. There is a lot of flexibility to customize this to your liking. You could use a household brownie recipe or you could grab a brownie mix from the supermarket.


Pumpkin Krispies

Always a classic treat to make your kiddies; with a little tweak you can recreate the Rice Krispie treats into a pumpkin perfect Halloween treat.


Boo-nana Pops 

Banana Banana… After watching the Minions with the kiddies, you must have heard this favourite minion-fan phrase for a while. With this recipe, you can grant your little minions their wish by preparing some ghostly bananas for Halloween!


Cute ghost pops! 

An alternative to the banana pop is this cute ghostly ice popsicle! Simple, yet so chilling!


Pumpkin Cheesecake

We’ve gotta end this Halloween roundup with a pumpkin recipe! Who doesn’t love a cheesecake? This Halloween, try to deviate from the classic New York cheesecake and add some pumpkin to the recipe.

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