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10 Must Haves For New Mamas

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Look no further mamas, here’s a list of 10 must haves for all you new mums!

Every woman goes through a string of emotions when they find out they’re pregnant…the emotions are real. From overwhelming joy and uncontainable excitement to an unwelcome dose of apprehension and fear. After learning I was pregnant with my first baby, I was full of squeals and happy tears before my type A personality set in, and I curiously took to the web to start my list of new mummy must-haves for Baby E-to-be. Within minutes I found myself completely overwhelmed by the options, opting to hopelessly retreat. All the must-have lists and resources I came across were either too personal, too technical or downright unmindful of what it’s like to traipse around a city in a humid climate.

This list isn’t about the best swing or trending baby gadgets, because you know all to well that what one baby loves another loathes; instead it’s a starter pack of tried and tested must-haves for new mamas in a busy city.

10 Must Haves For New Mamas

1. Nest Designs Bubs Baby Cloths

These little baby cloths are so versatile… a real essential in your mummy toolbox. A delicate blend of bamboo and cotton muslin, they’re a lightweight and soft to the touch go-to cloth for your everyday. They’re perfect for the endless baby dribbles, cleanups after feedings and a nice and thin barrier between mummy and baby (in the carrier) as you attempt to beat the Hong Kong humidity. Added bonus, they’re easy to wash and dry in a jiffy.

2. Love to Dream Swaddle Up 50/50

The infant swaddles no longer fit and it’s time to size up, which means another investment in baby gear since swaddles are ridiculously expensive. The Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 works just as its name suggests. It’s definitely a transitional must-have. Use this swaddle to size up in month 3 or 4 or with the zip-off sleeves use this swaddle to wean out of swaddling altogether. It doesn’t end there (!) – with the sleeves removed, the Swaddle Up becomes an arms-free baby sleep sac.

 3. Natursutten (“Natural Pacifier”)

This one-piece pacifier is the most hygienic option on the market, with no cracks or crevices to collect unwanted dirt and germs. It is constructed from 100% natural rubber making it safe to use and easy to clean. For the first 4 months, Baby E preferred the “Original” pacifier, which has a large round shape that gently touches the tip of the nose to simulate breastfeeding. This is a particularly perfect fit for a breastfed baby. Around 4 months, the Butterfly Ortho is a great option as it leaves a space for the nose, follows the natural movements of the mouth and leaves no marks on the face.

4. Sophie the Giraffe

This one is so cliché, but it really is Baby E’s favourite toy in the chest. Since making her debut in France in 1961, Sophie is a bit of a baby phenomenon. This teething toy is made from 100% natural rubber and non-toxic food grade paint. She’s lightweight, squeaky, simple to grip, visually stimulating, easy to chew and flaunts the cutest little rosy cheeks. She is absolutely worth the investment! If you polled Baby E she would definitely agree with me! I’m convinced Sophie has some kind of extraordinary powers when it comes to a teething baby.

5. BlaBla Travelling Play Pad

This mat is like a chameleon; it changes with its environment. I love the reversible design, functional fold, carry option and its plush filling. The play pad started as a changing mat on the living room window. (You know the quintessentially Hong Kong window ledges that eat into your usable square footage?) For lengthy travels, this pad became the perfect carry-on to keep the little one cozy. And now, as Baby E is 6 months old, it’s perfect layered over the living room rug for tummy time.

6. Magnificent Baby Outfits

A mom of twins introduced me to these smart close baby outfits. You know the middle of the night diaper changes we all “love”? A half-asleep mum trying to change a diaper and close a gazillion tiny snaps in the darkness of 2am? The struggle IS real! These smart close outfits feature gentle magnets that literally close themselves. Your baby is practically dressed in seconds. Do yourself a favour and save yourself minutes of precious sleep every night with these outfits!

7. Avent Bottle Steriliser

Whether you’re pumping or formula feeding, this is a must-have given the absence of the dishwasher in the Hong Kong kitchen. Avoid the time-consuming efforts of repeatedly boiling pots of water to sterilise. Simply load this baby with a days worth of feeding gear, drop in a drizzle of water and voila, in 10 short minutes all the pieces are sterile and shiny clean. I especially love this particular one because it has an adjustable 3-in-1 design, and with its modularity it becomes pretty portable, making it feasible to carry along on family travels.

8. NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

Sounds horrific, but works wonders! I am convinced this might be one of the most effective baby apparatuses on the market; so skip out on all the bulbs and super fancy electric aspirators. This little plastic gem is a non-invasive aspirator that actually works. Trust me you can see the results (all the boogery glory!). Clean up is easy too, just rinse and pop it in the steriliser.

9. Aden&Anais Bamboo Swaddles

This particular line by Aden&Anais is extremely silky soft. They’re luxurious and dreamy! They’re breathable, machine washable and the perfect size for all kinds of use: infant swaddle, stroller cover, nursing cover and more. Plus, they’re so lightweight and transportable they are the perfect covering for an impromptu diaper change, or spread about for a makeshift nap in the park.

10. Ergo Cool Air Carrier

The crowded sidewalks, steep hills and intermittent stairs brands Hong Kong as a very unfriendly city when it comes to strolling around with a pram. This is where the baby carrier will quickly become your new best friend. Just this year, the perfect carrier made it debut – meet The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Carrier. I just traded in our old carrier for this one, and trust me it checks every box. It has all the bells and whistles – four position carrier, air mesh fabric (to beat the summer heat and humidity) and ergonomic leg support for the little one.

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