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Hong Kong’s Best Juice Spots

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Get juicy!

Whether you’re a hardcore juice cleanser or simply looking for a refreshing beverage on-the-go, Hong Kong has a number of spots around town where you can pick up a variety of flavourful juices. With more and more juiceries on the streets of our city, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best places to get a healthy green smoothie or an exotic, fruity refreshment. Enjoying a juice is a great way to incorporate more fruit and veggies into your diet, and we’re all about adding an extra healthy kick!

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Catch

Catch Juicery

Looking for organic cold-pressed juices at lower prices? Well, Catch Juicery is your place! They aim to spread healthy living in a more affordable way, perfect for the mamas trying to cut down a little on the extra spending. The juices are healthy and fresh and the glass bottles are environmentally-friendly – sounds like the perfect all-in-one deal! Delivery options are available.

Catch Juicery, G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2567 3677,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Water Juicery

Water Juicery

Offering 24 delicious flavours, Water Juicery makes it convenient for busy HK mamas to get in their daily serving of fruits and veggies. The bottles have expiration labels on them as well as nutrition labels, perfect for those calorie-conscious mums out there. Delivery options are available.

Water Juicery, click here to check out their pop-up store locations, 2325 9368,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - HK Juice Co

HK Juice

This Juice Company interestingly started off juicing for cancer patients, so we can definitely trust them when it comes to nutrition and health. Those looking to hop on the Juice cleanse trend can click here to go onto their website, which provides extensive info on how to start cleansing. Delivery options are available.

HK Juice, Shop E, 1 Prince’s Terrace, Mid Levels, Central, Hong Kong, 2815 5515,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Mr Green Juice

Mr. Green Juice

Energise your life with Mr Green Juice, a brand new raw juice concept to hit the streets of Hong Kong. Their juices are made from seasonal, organic vegetables and are never pasteurised. They use a hydraulic press that fully extracts the juice from the produce – certainly sounds magical! Delivery options are available.

You can grab their juices from a few different retail locations; click here to check it out.

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Pressed


Two blocks away from Pure Fitness, Pressed is definitely at a prime location if you’re looking for a healthy pick-me-up after an intensive workout or just strolling through Soho and looking for something to grab. Pressed is an Australian company that makes their juices cold-pressed and fresh each day. Delivery options are available.

Pressed, Shop 81A, Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2547 7939,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Genie Juicery

Genie Juicery

With the demand for healthy options shooting up in the city, two Australian girls took to opening a flagship store for their company, Genie Juicery. Aside from cold-pressed juices, Genie Juicery also sells several other interesting nutritious items, making it a one-stop destination for all things healthy!

Genie Juicery, their stores can be found at many locations, click here to check them out.

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Punch Detox


Punch juices are quite different from the rest, as they only focus on cleanses and group orders; no single orders are available. This is perfect for busy mamas who need a solid plan to follow and want something right at their doorstep! You can find out more about their cleanses on the website by clicking here. Punch doesn’t have a physical store, so order online for delivery straight home… how convenient!

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - nood food

nood food

Organic, environmentally-friendly and sustainable produce, no artificial pesticides or fertilisers… nood food offers all of these sought-after qualities – sounds like the ideal all-in-one! Apart from different cold-pressed juices, you’ll also find nutritious superfood smoothies and delicious foods at their store. Delivery options are available.

nood food, 32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, 8199 8189,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Hyaku


Hyaku is the perfect company if a liquid diet is definitely not the thing for you. With really cute packaging, they deliver right to your door and fulfil your daily recommended intake for fruits and veggies. Each of the four juices has a different purpose, covering all things related to body balance and health. Hyaku is online-only, and offers delivery right to your doorstep!

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Bless


Although their juices are a little pricey, these fresh vibrant juices are definitely worth trying. They have a smaller, simpler range of juices, which can actually makes choosing the one you want easier. Their website also provides nutritional information on each of the juices, click here to check it out. Delivery options are available.

Bless, Unit 205, Kowloon Commerce Centre, Kwai Hing, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2412 1178,

Best Juice Spots in Hong Kong - Be-juiced


This company puts a huge focus on their cleanse program for super busy mamas in Hong Kong. Keep your energy levels up all day with the juices from Be-juiced. There are different cleanses, some suitable for beginners to others who want a whole lifestyle change. Order online for delivery straight to your door!

Be-juiced, 3693 4550,

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